Services Available

Here are the services we provide:

  1. Assessment of your disability accommodation needs, using the information gathered from your documentation and intake interview
  2. Communication with the college staff, faculty, and community agencies in behalf of OAS students
  3. Facilitation of referrals for support services on and off campus
  4. Assistance with problem-solving concerning barriers you may be facing
  5. Note takers in class
  6. Test readers or scribes
  7. Sign language interpreters and/or auxiliary aids
  8. Taped textbooks
  9. Adaptive equipment
  10. Classroom relocation
  11. Distraction reduced environment for testing
  12. Extended time on exams
  13. Accommodations for distance learning classes
  14. Temporary accommodations

Here are the services we do NOT offer

  1. Personal care attendants
  2. Personal study assistance
  3. Reader for personal use or study
  4. Equipment and software for off campus use
  5. Transportation to and from class