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SUNY Orange Math Club:
Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. - 11:50 a.m., in Middletown, Harriman Hall, Room 301
Club X³:
Thursdays, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m., in Newburgh, Kaplan Hall, Room 301

SUNY Orange Math Club

SUNY Orange Math Club aims to bring together a unique group of like-minded students. The club provides math related activities for those involved such as math contest, trips and camaraderie.

SUNY Orange Math Club 2013Faculty Advisors

The SUNY Orange Math Club Officers

  • President:
    John Sears
  • Vice President:
    Reese Fairchild
  • Treasurer:
    Erik Quimby
  • Secretary:
    Sara Kwiatkowski

The SUNY Orange math club hosted the NYSMATYC (New York State Association of Two Year Colleges) Math League Competition. The contest is a friendly math competition among New York State two-year college students.

SUNY Orange placed 11th overall out of the 30 schools that participated in the recent NYSMATYC (New York State Association of Two Year Colleges) Math League Competition.

A total of 711 students from 30 different two-year schools took the test. Eric Wortman administered the exam to 19 SUNY Orange students. Four of our students posted outstanding results. Zhecheng (Kevin) Weng finished 2nd overall, Yemissi Kifouly finished 35th, Simone Suizzero finished 83rd, and Steven Koklas finished 110th.

Our composite SUNY Orange team, made up of our 5 top scorers, finished 11th overall.

The SUNY Orange winners and prizes are as follows:

  • 1st place prize of $50 was awarded to Zhecheng Weng
  • 2nd place prize of $40 was awarded to Yemissi Kifouly
  • 3rd place prize of $30 was awarded to Simone Suizzero
  • 4th place prize of $20 was awarded to Steven Koklas
  • 5th place prize of $10 was awarded to Reese Fairchild, Jarren Fisher, James Cavalari

Annual trip to Mo Math

On November 16th the SUNY Orange Math Club took a trek to visit Mo Math (National Museum of Mathematics) Located at 11 East 26th Street in Manhattan. Here they got to have a little "Mo Math" fun.

Students in front of MO MATH

End of Year Dinner

End of year dinner

Trip to Six Flags

Field trip to Six Flags


Middletown Math Club

Club X³


Club X³'s primary purpose is to promote Mathematical interests among its members and the campus community by discussing Math related topics such as Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus. Moreover, the club hopes to provide its members the opportunity to associate and interact with one another and to instill the desire for self-improvement, scholastic excellence, and lifelong understanding and appreciation of Mathematics.



  • President: Jonathan Herrera
  • Vice President: Damon Young
  • Treasurer: Yayiana Shaddi
  • Secretary: Dyondra Latimore


Club X³ NewburghClub X³ Field tripClub X³ Field Trip



Suny Orange Math Club

Food Give-a-ways

Monday, March 30th at 6:00pm -RCSE Building

Monday, April 6th at 6:00 - Harriman Building

Bake sales

Tuesday, March 31st 8-11:00am - Harriman Hall

Math Contests

ThUrsday, March 19th - NYSMATIC - Math contest - 11:30 IN room HA301



Saturday, April 24th Six Flags

Club X³



Bake sales and food give-a-ways

Bake Sales - Dates TBA

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Interim Department Chair
Mr. Josh Lavorgna
Office - Harriman Hall Room 311

Department Secretary
Ms. Carolyn Meere
Office - Harriman Hall Room 315