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SEARCH TIP: Instead of typing questions type the words you want to be in useful sources.
Type "Climate Change" to find information about climate change. Type "climate change" AND hurricanes to find fewer articles that are about how climate change affects hurricanes.

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SEARCH TIP: Type the topic you are researching in one or a few words. All books in this collection can be read on line on or off campus. Click on the Table of Contents link to browse through the book and go to the pages that are useful for you.

Is this journal in the library?

SEARCH TIP: Type the name of a magazine, journal or newspaper search it electronically. Titles that are available electronically will have links to the database that will access it. Browse to a specific edition or search for a topic. Titles available in Print or Microfilm are in the Middletown Library.

If you need help you can ask a librarian at the desk, chat or text to 845-262-2542.

Look for a SUNY Orange LibGuide to help with your subject.

Type the words you want to find in your articles. Find all articles about penguins.

Get fewer and more specific articles by typing keywords with AND For example find articles about how climate change affects penguins penguins AND "climate change".

Don't search by asking a question! Just enter the keywords, put topics with two or more words in quotes to find that exact phrase.

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Newburgh Library
Access to three Newburgh area libraries for your research needs. Check out what is involved.

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What's new at the library?

Library Scoop Newsletter Spring 2014

In this edition: Myths of Google research, benefits of using the library, how to use the library during closures.: PDF|Text.

Have an iPad?

You can access some of the most useful library databases through your iPad. Ask a librarian for installation information or search for the Apps in the Appstore for these databases:

  • Ebsco databases
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Literature Resource Center
  • Science Direct