When you visit the Wellness Center, you can expect:

  • To receive care and treatment with courtesy, respect and consideration.
  • To be afforded privacy and confidentiality regarding your visits and any documentation of such visits, including immunization information and medical records.
  • To receive information in terms you can understand and to have any questions answered concerning your health concern, its treatment, and any associated risks.
  • To refuse to be examined or treated by health practitioners and to be informed of the consequences of such decisions.
  • To be referred to an alternative health care source when appropriate or upon request.
  • To participate actively in decisions regarding your health care and treatment.
  • To know the identity of your health care provider.

As a client of the Wellness Center you are expected:

  • To show courtesy and consideration for Wellness Center staff.
  • To provide, when necessary, complete information about immunizations, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and allergies to enable proper evaluation.
  • To ask questions or for clarification, if needed, to ensure that there is an adequate understanding of the health problem or treatment.
  • To follow instructions concerning recommendations, follow-up visits, and other essential steps in your treatment plan, and to notify your health provider if your plan cannot be followed, your condition worsens, or an unexpected reaction occurs.
  • To keep scheduled appointments or cancel within a reasonable time ahead so that another person may be given that time slot.
  • To be respectful of other patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

You may direct any concerns about our services to 845-341-4870 or email wellnesscenter@sunyorange.edu