Sexual Assault Prevention and Reporting

In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, SUNY Orange is committed to sexual assault prevention and provides workshops, prevention information programs, and linkage to direct services and resources in the area.

The Student Handbook contains more detailed information regarding students rights, responsibilities, confidentiality, grievance procedure, and code of student conduct relative to this issue. For more information on the College's Non-discrimination/Title IX policies, please visit our Human Resource's Title IX webpage.

If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual misconduct:

  • Get to a safe place as soon as you can.
  • Try to preserve all physical evidence; do not bathe, douche, or change your clothes.
  • Contact SUNY Orange Department of Safety and Security:
    • Middletown - dial 77 from a campus phone or call 341-4710
    • Newburgh - dial 9533 from a campus phone or call 341-9533
    • You may also use one of the Blue Light emergency phones,
      or any of the red or yellow phones located throughout both campuses.

You may seek advice and support services from the SUNY Orange Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). The team can be contacted through Security at 341- 4710, or the Wellness Center at 341- 4870. Members of the SART team will assist sexual assault victims and can provide referral to county sexual assault resources and support. Survivors of sexual assault and violence are encouraged to use these services, regardless of whether the incident happened on or off campus.

Assaults—sexual or otherwise—are crimes; they are not the victim's fault. Victims have the right to pursue adjudication of crimes that occur on our campus through criminal courts and/or through the college's internal disciplinary process (under the Student Code of
Conduct). SUNY Orange Safety and Security Department Officers are trained to assist victims throughout this process.

Where there is probable cause to believe the College's regulations prohibiting sexual misconduct have been violated, the College will pursue strong disciplinary action through its own channels. This discipline includes the possibility of suspension or dismissal from the College. An individual charged with sexual misconduct will be subject to the College disciplinary procedures, whether or not prosecution under New York State Criminal Statutes is pending. The College will make every effort to be responsive and sensitive to the victims of these serious crimes.

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Updated October, 2013