Insurance Information

Student Accident Insurance

All students are covered by an accident insurance policy for a $9 per semester fee. The plan is administered by BMI Benefits. Insurance information, brochures, and claim forms are available in our offices. Claim forms are also available online.

Student Accident Insurance Program Brochure (PDF)

In the event of an accident on campus, please come to the Wellness Center to file an Incident Report, as this may be requested by the Insurer as part of the claims process. Failure to complete this form may result in denial or delay of payment.

How to Process Claims through BMI Benefits

If you have no other accident insurance:

  • Students who do not have any other accident insurance must let their Health Care Providers know the name and address of BMI Benefits, P.O. Box 511, Matawan, NJ 07747. Phone: 800-445-3126 Fax: 732-583-9610
  • The student should request that the itemized bill from the Provider is on a HCFA 1500 Billing Form or an itemized bill with CPT (treatment) codes, and the Provider's name, address and Tax ID number are on the bill.
  • The student can then attach that to the claim form and submit it to BMI Benefits for reimbursement.

  • Download a claim form here.

If you have other accident insurance:

When students are covered by another accident plan (primary insurance) the BMI Benefits plan becomes secondary insurance. Students must ask their provider to submit the claim to both their primary insurance and to BMI Benefits. If the provider will not submit the claim directly to BMI Benefits (many providers will not submit to a secondary insurer) the student should request an itemized bill from the provider. This can be in the form of an HCFA 1500 Billing Form or an itemized bill with CPT (treatment) codes and the provider's name, address and Tax ID Number.

When the student receives an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from their primary insurer, they should submit a copy of that along with the itemized bill from the provider to BMI Benefits using one of their claim forms.

Questions about a claim or claim procedures? Contact BMI Benefits at 1-800-445-3126.

How to submit claims:

  • Complete a claim form within 90 days of the accident.
  • Attach Itemized Bills and Primary Carrier Statements
  • Mail to: BMI Benefits, LLC, P.O. Box 511, Matawan, NJ 07747

About The Affordable Care Act and College Students

Under the Affordable Care Act, if your parents' health insurance plan covers children, they can now add or keep you on their policy until you turn 26 years old.

What this Means for You

Until now, health plans could remove enrolled children usually at age 19, sometimes older for full-time students. Now, most health plans that cover children must make coverage available to children up to age 26. By allowing children to stay on their parents' plan, the Affordable Care Act makes it easier and more affordable for young adults to get health insurance coverage.

Adult children can join or remain on their parents' plan whether or not they are:

  • married;
  • living with parents;
  • in school;
  • financially dependent on parents;
  • eligible to enroll in their own employer's plan, with one temporary exception: Until 2014, "grandfathered" group plans do not have to offer dependent coverage up to age 26 if a young adult is eligible for group coverage outside their parent's plan.

For more information visit

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Free & Low-Cost Health Plans

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Hudson Health Plan

Maternal Infant Services Network

Wellcare of New York, Inc.

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