What immunizations are required to attend SUNY Orange?

  • The New York State Department of Health requires proof of two Measles, one Mumps and one Rubella vaccination from all students born after January 1, 1957 who wish to enroll in six or more credits.
  • The first Measles vaccine and the Mumps and Rubella vaccines must have been given no sooner than four days before the student's first birthday.
  • Students born prior to January 1, 1957 are exempt from the MMR law.
  • The law applies to all students regardless of where they were born.
  • The law does not apply to students enrolled for fewer than six credits.
  • Students who do not comply with immunization requirements within 30 days after the start of the semester may be disenrolled from the college. 

What about the Meningitis Vaccine?

The Meningitis vaccine is not required to attend SUNY Orange, however all students must read and complete the Meningococcal Vaccine Response form (look under Immunization Information on the left side of this page for the link to download the form).

What if I Don't have or can't find my immunization records?

(Please note: If you need a more accessible version of any of the forms linked to below, please contact the Wellness Center at (845) 341-4870).

  • Most students can obtain their immunization records from other colleges they have attended, their high school health office, or their doctor’s office. The records submitted must be stamped and signed by the issuing office. 
    • To obtain your health record from another school (high school or college), please complete the Authorization to Release/Obtain Medical Records form and bring, mail, or fax it to the school holding records. It is a good idea to follow up on your request to ensure the records were sent to the Wellness Center, and to verify with the Wellness Center that the records were received.
  • Students can also bring in the immunization records that they or their parents or guardian may have, as long as they are stamped by a hospital or doctor’s office. 
  • If neither of these options is feasible, the student may opt to be reimmunized, or have a blood test (titer) performed by an approved medical laboratory which will give serological proof of immunity.
    • Titers can be obtained from a student's physician's office.
    • If the student does not have a physician the Wellness Center office can provide a list of providers in the area who work with our students and offer a discounted rate.
    • The student must submit official lab tests results to the Wellness Center office.
    • If the blood tests are negative for immunization the student will need to be reimmunized.
    • The student is responsible for all fees related to blood tests and immunizations.

My vaccination history is incomplete. Where can I obtain a vaccination?

  • Students can be vaccinated in their physician's office or, if the student does not have a physician, at several clinics in the area. Call the Wellness Center office at 341-4870 for a list of providers who work with our students and offer a discounted rate. The student is responsible for all fees.
  • If the student is uninsured, the Orange County Department of Health provides free immunizations. Call the Wellness Center office at 341-4870 for the schedule of vaccination clinics.

I've started the vaccination process but will not complete it until after school starts. May I still attend classes?

A student is considered "in process" and allowed to attend classes if he has presented a Certificate of Immunization that shows he is in the process of completing the immunization requirements. To be "in process" the student must have received at least one dose of measles vaccine, have complied with the requirements for mumps and rubella, and have an appointment to return to a health practitioner for the second dose of measles if this appointment is scheduled no more than 90 days since administration of the first does of measles vaccine.

I'm a veteran. Are my military records adequate proof of immunization?

Veterans may submit proof of honorable discharge from the armed services (DD214) within 10 years prior to the date of application to SUNY Orange. This shall enable the student to attend classes pending actual receipt of immunization records from the armed services.

I've heard students in the health Professions programs must meet even more immunization requirements. Is this true?

Yes. All students who enter a Health Professions program must provide serological proof (blood titers) of immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella.

It is also recommended but not required that Health Professions students be immunized against Hepatitis B, Tetanus, and Influenza.

I am transferring to another school, starting a job, etc. How do I obtain a copy of my immunization records from SUNY Orange?

  • Students can obtain a copy of their immunization records in person by visiting the Wellness Center office and providing proof of identification (driver's license, student ID, etc.) At the student's request, records can also be faxed or mailed to the school the student plans to attend at no cost.
  • Students who cannot come to the Wellness Center office may make their request in writing by completing the Authorization to Release/Obtain Medical Records and mailing it to: SUNY Orange Wellness Center, 115 South Street, Middletown, NY 10940 or faxing it to: (845) 341-4872.


What if I have questions or concerns about staying well or making lifestyle changes?

Your questions will be dealt with seriously, respectfully and confidentially. Only you can decide what changes you will make, and who, if anyone, you would like notified of any changes. We will help you in any way we can.

What if I get sick?

Any college member who identifies a health care need may stop in or make an appointment to see a nurse. The nurse will complete an assessment and provide appropriate health care and educational counseling for common health concerns. If additional medical care is needed, students may be referred to their primary physician or, if they do not have a primary physician, to a local provider who has agreed to work with our students. If health problems require referral and students do not have medical insurance, they may be referred by the nurse to local urgent care facilities and will be provided with the college health insurance brochure (See Insurance Information at left). In extreme cases, the nurse will assist in arranging for transportation to the local emergency room (i.e. calling for an ambulance, taxi, or family member to drive person.)

Why can't I see a doctor in the Wellness Center?

The SUNY Orange Wellness Center office is nurse-directed. If medical intervention is required appropriate referrals will be made.


The Wellness Center provides assessment of mental health needs and referral services by licensed mental health professionals at no cost. To schedule an appointment please call (845) 341-4870.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Where can I get tested for a STI?

  • The Wellness Center office provides free, anonymous, confidential HIV testing several times each semester in both Middletown and Newburgh. Check the Wellness Center web site for dates and times.
  • The Orange County Department of Health offers free testing for the following STI's: HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes (culture). Call (845) 346-1113 (Middletown) or (845) 568-5333 (Newburgh)
  • The Wellness Center also provides a wealth of free informational materials on sexual health.

    Updated September 2014