Creating a Website

The initial website "shell" is created by the Webmaster upon completion of the following steps by the department/unit Web Page Manager:

  1. Create your department/unit storyboard. A storyboard is a bulleted list or a flowchart that indicates how your website will be structured. It will also demonstrate how your web pages will be linked to one another. Here are 2 examples:
    1. Storyboard as a bulleted list (opens in a new window). See matching website.
    2. Storyboard as a flowchart (PDF, opens in a new window). See matching website.
  2. Submit the completed storyboard to the Helpdesk by emailing at and cc'ing
  3. Based on your storyboard, the webmaster will then create a website "shell" or, in other words, your website with the navigation menus and the SUNY Orange header, but with no content.
  4. Get trained on how to add content and update your website using Adobe Contribute (formerly Macromedia Contribute). You will need to schedule this training session with the Webmaster. The training session normally takes 3.5 hours. A manual will be provided.
  5. Install Adobe Contribute on your computer and start adding and/or updating your content. At the end of the training session you will be provided the instructions on getting a copy of Adobe Contribute and installing it on your machine.
  6. Determine under which categores off of the SUNY Orange home page (e.g. Current Students, Future Students, etc.), you would like your site listed and contact the Director of Communications.
    Please note that due to the large scale of the website, we cannot place any additional links on the SUNY Orange home page - they must be listed under one or more categories.

Chris Thurtle
Assistant Director of Communications for New Media
(845) 341-4402