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Update on Website Redesign and Content Management System (CMS) Implementation

Following are brief updates on the website redesign project and the implementation of the new Content Management System (CMS).

Web Redesign Status: Closing in on Final Design

Leaning on its SWOT analyses, review of website traffic analytics and input from the website redesign committee, Focus Media proposed three new designs for The designs were shared with the College community, which generated a strong feedback loop that has informed the decision-making process as we move toward an approved design concept. Thank you to all who responded.

In all, more than 100 employees and students offered feedback on the overall design concepts, as well as specific design elements and suggested items that might be incorporated into the designs. We also conducted a survey regarding the proposed navigation, and received more than 200 responses.

At this point, the College has reviewed and analyzed the feedback, and is working hand-in-hand with Focus Media to finalize the visual designs for the homepage, landing pages, base text pages and other specialty pages. Once the designs have been approved, Focus will create the web templates and hand them off to Omni Update (sometime in late June or early July) for development and insertion into the OUCampus Content Management System (CMS).

Content Management System Status: Preparing for Template Handoff, Page Development

Once Focus Media has turned over working html page templates to Omni Update, OU will be completing the technical development necessary to allow us to manage the website. Those items, to be accomplished during the summer months, will prepare us for the next step: content migration.

Mike Albright