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Call for Nominations: 2019 President's Awards for Excellence


On behalf of the President's Office, the Professional Recognition & Awards Committee is seeking nominations for the 2019 Excellence Awards for:

  • Teaching
  • Librarianship
  • Professional Service

(See the attached Multi-Year Rotation Schedule for what years the various awards are considered, and for which awards each employee type is eligible.)


Excellence in Teaching Award

Eligibility:  full-time, tenured faculty member

Excels in:  1) Teaching Effectiveness, 2) Scholarship and Professional Growth, 3) Commitment to Students, and) High Academic Standards

Excellence in Librarianship Award

Eligibility:  full-time librarian who possesses a Master of Library Science or equivalent (e.g., MLIS)

Excels in:  1) Librarianship Skills, 2) Service to the College and to the Profession, and 3) Scholarship and Continuing Professional Growth.

Excellence in Professional Service Award

Eligibility:  full-time employee serving in professional service capacities (not necessarily titles) with more than 50 percent of assignment in non-teaching services

Excels:  1) Within the Position, and 2) Beyond the Position.


  • Any member of the college community may nominate (SUNY Orange employee or student).
  • You may not self-nominate.
  • Please submit a letter of nomination (not to exceed 500 words) via this web link by May 1, 2018.  In your letter please describe how long and in what capacity you know the nominee, and provide three reasons why you think the nominee deserves the award.  Keep in mind the criteria by which the Professional Recognition and Award Committee evaluates applicants.
  • Please check that the nominee is eligible for the award (see above)
  • Email for more information.



  • Nominations due:  May 1, 2018
  • Applications due:  Aug. 31, 2018 (application details will be provided to nominees)  
  • Committee review of applications:  Fall semester of AY18-19
  • Award notification by the President:  March 2019

Joseph Zurovchak