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College Will Hold Emergency Drill on March 13

College community,

SUNY Orange will be holding a College-wide “Shelter in Place” drill during the 1 p.m. class period on Tuesday, March 13.

During the drill, the College will also be testing its emergency notification systems. In order to assure that you receive emergency messages for this drill, and in the future, each member of the College community should update or verify the accuracy of your “emergency contact” information.

To add or verify your emergency contact information in the College’s database, follow this link:

You may also check your emergency contact information by logging into MySUNYOrange and accessing Banner. On your “Personal Information” tab in Banner, you will see an “Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY Alert)” link. Click that link to view your information. In order for any updated information to be in place prior to the drill, please complete your updates no later than March 9.

All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the College’s emergency procedures. You can find “Shelter in Place” instructions in the following locations, but it would be helpful if you became acquainted with how to handle any of the potential situations that may arise:

  • Red flip cards located in most offices and classrooms across both campuses

  • College Emergency Procedures:

  • Safety and Security Resources:

If you have any questions, please contact me at 341-4934 or via email at



Ed Kiely
Safety and Security