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Two SUNY Orange Honors Program Students Win at Beacon Conference

We are proud to announce that two SUNY Orange Honors Program students, Joanna Dykeman and Vivek Sood, claimed top prizes in the Literature: Shakespeare and International Studies/Globalization categories respectively at the Beacon Conference on June 6.

Dykeman’s paper and presentation were entitled “Much Ado About Something: The Shakespeare Authorship Debate,” while Sood’s paper and presentation were entitled “United States Policies and Terrorism.”

Dykeman and Sood were two of eight Honors Program students originally selected to represent the College at the prestigious Beacon Conference this year; In all, seven Honors Program students participated in the event, hosted by SUNY Ulster.

Other students who presented were:

Karen Aldana: “Environmental Effects: Epigenetics and Lamarck” 

Margaret Damken: “Nineteen-Eighty-Fourteen: The Dystopian United States” 

William Perez: “A Dialogue on Electoral Reform”

Two students participated in the poster session:

Tina Antoniades: “It’s Time to Appreciate Manga and Anime” 

Victoria Witte: “Quest for Happiness”           

Elaine Torda
Honors Program