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Revamped MySUNYOrange Coming This Summer

SUNY Orange students

This June, SUNY Orange will launch a revamped version of MySUNYOrange. Much as it does now, the new MySUNY Orange will continue to serve as your entry point to the College’s online resources, including email, announcements, student accounts in Banner and the Angel learning management system, among others.

However, the new version will greatly improve your online experience by integrating the services and providing them to you on a series of tabs for more efficient access.

You will access MySUNYOrange directly from the College web site, just as you do now. Once you have successfully signed in, you will automatically be directed to your own personalized home page. It is important to know that much of the information presented to you within MySUNYOrange will be based upon your role at the College. Defined roles include student, faculty, employee, advisor, et cetera.

On your MySUNYOrange home page, you will find personalized alerts sent to you by the College, a snapshot of your five most recent emails, Grapevine announcements, a Google calendar window, today’s events at the College, and a searchable directory of faculty and staff.

In the top right portion of the page, you will find graphics links to Gmail, Banner and Angel. These graphics appear in this same location on all MySUNYOrange tabs in order to help you more easily reach these resources at any point during your visit to MySUNYOrange.

Students will also notice that there are FOUR student-related tabs, including Student Academics, Student Services and Resources, Student Finances and the Library. (screen shots are attached). On these tabs, students will see windows that draw personalized records from within the Banner system as well as links to critical resources to most student services offered by the College.

For example, students can access their student profile and graded on the Academics tab ... career, internship and tutorial information on the Resources tab ... and account, financial aid and payment information on the Finances tab.

The “Library” tab is available to all students, faculty members and advisors. It features handy links to information about borrowing books, arranging interlibrary loans, photocopying and using library computers. There is also an “Ask the Librarian” window that links users to a librarian through the Library’s existing chat feature. There is also a link to “faculty resources” that can assist faculty members in suggesting relevant book titles or help them utilize other library offerings.

All users will also see a Help/Support tab where they can locate support links, key College phone numbers and search boxes for the College directory and the SUNY Orange web site.

If you have any questions feel free to contact any member of the Portal Task Force. The team consists of Jose Bernier (IT), Project Sponsor/Champion; Artur Charukhchyan (IT), Project Manager; William Ansley, Support Specialist (IT),Gerianne Brusati, Title III coordinator (Student Services); Likkia Moody, One Stop Coordinator (Student Services); Mike Gawronski, Assoc. VP, Health Professions Division (Academic Affairs); Mike Albright, Communications Officer; John Wetzstein, Coordinator of Data Management (Administrative Areas); and Chris Thurtle, Webmaster (Institutional Advancement).



Mike Albright