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Employees: Now is the Time to Review Your W-4 Status

Dear Colleagues: I am writing to remind all of our employees to please review their W-4 status. If anyone is expecting their filing status or the number of withholding allowances to change in the coming year (2021), they must fill out a new W-4 form.

Some reasons why an employee might need to change their W-4:

  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Birth or an adoption of a child
  • A child may no longer be claimed as a dependent
  • Retirement or taking a second job
  • Spouse goes back to work.

If anyone needs help determining their withholding rate, the IRS provides a withholding calculator on their website. The calculator gives you step by step instructions. Most people find it easier to use than the personal worksheet provided with the W-4 form.

The withholding calculator can be found by going to and doing a search for "withholding calculator".

Robert Undersinger