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Preparing for Shelter in Place Drill on Thursday, Oct. 4

College community,

In preparation for the “Shelter in Place” drill this Thursday (Oct. 4) during the 2 p.m. class time, below are the procedures you should follow when instructed to “shelter in place.” Additionally, I have included the “active shooter” procedures for additional information. Please keep in mind that a “shelter in place” situation could involve an active shooter, but could also be necessitated by any of a number of situations, including bad weather, nearby police activity, hazardous materials incident, etc.

In the event of the real active shooter event, you’d be expected to barricade any doors that cannot be locked, as well as interior windows if possible. For the purpose of this drill, there will be no need to utilize desks, chairs, tables or other items to barricade doors. You will also want to turn your cell phones to silent.

These materials have been pulled from the red flip cards that are located in most offices and classrooms on both campuses.

Additional online resources can be found at:

If you have any questions, please contact me at 341-4934 or via email at



“Shelter-in-Place” Procedure

An emergency situation may prevent the safe evacuation of a SUNY Orange building and require steps to isolate students, staff and faculty from danger. Depending on the situation, the College or specific areas of the College may need to be completely secured from the inside.

When necessary, personnel from Safety & Security will lock any open doors manually or by computer system. Communication via College portable radios is permissible as long as the incident does not involve an explosive device or a suspect in possession of a radio or scanner. 

When the College requires a Shelter-in-Place procedure, the following announcements will be made and repeated several times using all available campus communication resources, including the SUNY Orange e-mail system, web site, interior building monitors, loudspeakers, telephone messaging and wireless technology.



“Staff and instructors, please secure your students and or staff in your area immediately, until further notice by Supervisor or security designees.”


During a Shelter-in-Place situation, special attention will also be given to the areas of the College where numerous students are gathered in an unsecured environment, such as the Shepard Center cafeteria, Orange Hall Theatre and the Library. Arrangements will be made so those students in these areas can be moved to nearby secure locations, if necessary.


Response to a “Shelter in Place” Announcement

When an employee/instructor hears the “Shelter-in-Place” announcement, he or she should follow these directions:

  •  Secure the classroom/office door immediately, utilizing door locks, desks, chairs, etc.
  • Advise students/employees that there is some type of emergency ongoing.
  • Project a calm attitude to maintain student behavior.
  • If necessary, keep all students/employees sitting on the floor, away from doors and windows.
  • Use caution and discretion in allowing entry into the classroom/office. Request College ID for safety measures.
  • Take attendance and prepare a list of missing students/employees and extra students/employees in the room. Prepare to take this list with you when you are directed to leave the classroom/office.
  • If there is a cell phone, you may call the following numbers:

                                Middletown              Newburgh

Safety and Security: (845) 341-4710          (845) 341-9533

  • Remain in the room until a police officer, a SUNY Orange Safety & Security officer or a member of the Emergency Management Team comes to the room with directions.
  • When or if people are moved from the room, assist them in moving as quietly and quickly as possible to assigned areas.
  • Fire alarm activation is not used normally to signal evacuation of a building during a Shelter-in-Place procedure. You should not evacuate unless directed by Safety & Security personnel or officials from local police or fire departments.


Active Shooter

In the event that you witness someone brandishing a weapon or hear shots fired in your vicinity on campus, prepare to:

  • If possible, safely exit the building and move away from the immediate path of danger
  • Notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building immediately
  • Evacuate to a safe area away from the danger and take protective cover
  • If you are directly involved in an incident, or exiting the building is not possible, the following action is recommended:
  1. Go to the nearest room or office
  2. Close and lock the door
  3. Turn off the lights
  4. Seek protective cover
  5. Keep quiet and act as if no one is in the room
  6. Do not answer the door
  7. Wait for local police or security to assist you out of the building. Local police departments are trained and equipped to respond to an emergency incident of this nature.
  8. Individuals not immediately impacted by the situation are to take protective cover, staying away from windows and doors until notified otherwise.

Edward Kiely
Safety and Security