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Banner Film Festival Announces June 21 Screenings

The Banner Film Festival continues this Thursday, June 21.

Following is the schedule for this week (please keep in mind that these training films are for those folks who use Banner INB. Training for our transition to an upgrade of Banner Self Service will be provided in the future).

RCSE 210 (General)

3:30PM – 4:10PM – Banner Overview and Navigation (Replay)

4:25PM – 5:00PM – Banner Overview and Navigation (Replay)

RCSE 102 (Admissions)

3:30PM – 3:55PM – Entering Applications

3:55PM – 4:05PM – Entering Admissions Decisions

4:05PM – 4:45PM – Managing General Person Records

RCSE 008c (Business Office)

3:30PM – 4:00PM – Purchasing and Procurement Foundations

4:00PM – 4:30PM – Processing Requisitions


RCSE 014 (Student Accounts)

3:30PM – 4:05PM – Managing Charges, Fees, and Payments

4:05PM – 4:15PM – Processing Refunds

4:15PM – 4:30PM – Working with Comments

If you access the Banner Green Page, there is a new topic called Banner 9 Training. Under that section are links to the instructions on accessing the training, Sign Up for Ellucian Hub account, or Sign In to existing Ellucian Hub account.  If you do not have a hub account, please sign up for one.  It can take several days for the account to become active and then all of the training videos are available at your desktop.

Mike Tharp