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We Have Received the Executive Summary of the CampusWorks BPR Report

College community,

Attached you will find the executive summary of the Business Process Review we recently completed with CampusWorks.

You’ll recall CampusWorks’ visits to the College in January and February for one-on-one interviews, small group meetings and larger open forum discussions. Many of you engaged with the CampusWorks representatives in one or several of these meetings. I know the CampusWorks team appreciated your openness and willingness to share your thoughts across many areas, and I, too, am profoundly thankful for your candid input and dedication to improving SUNY Orange.

Please know that the attached is simply the summary of the CampusWorks report. There are two additional, and lengthy, documents that are quite technical and specific to the Payroll and Registrar functions. The VPs have these documents and will take the coming weeks to work with these areas specifically before we broaden the conversation and collaboration.

This report reinforces to me that if we aspire to be a college that truly has the student and employee at the center of every one of our actions, we must commit to enacting change, and we must all be engaged in revitalization initiatives in ways similar to your involvement with the CampusWorks project.

I’ve been most pleased with the College-wide discussions ongoing in a number of areas, most specifically Guided Pathways. We will soon be transitioning to Banner 9, which should pave the way for a smoother implementation of elements of the CampusWorks report. We are much closer to fulfillment of these recommendations than I think many of us realize.

I am seeing the impact of our combined wisdom, expertise and hard work, and I am excited about where we are headed. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.




Dr. Kristine Young
Office of the President