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Narcan and Hands Only CPR Training to be Held Jan. 31

You are invited to attend a Free Narcan and hands only CPR training on Wednesday, Jan. 31 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in the Gilman Center, Middletown campus. 

Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States in persons under the age of 50 causing more deaths than motor vehicle accidents.

Abuse and death from opiates such as Oxycodone,Hydrocodone,Vicodin,Percocette and Heroin are rising at an alarming rate with Orange County having one of the highest rates of overdose deaths.

In this class you will learn what to do in the case of a suspected overdose and how to administer the lifesaving overdose reversal agent Narcan, an antidote to an opiate overdose. 

You will leave the training being aware of the signs and symptoms of an opiate overdose and proper administration of Narcan. A kit will be provided to you which contains two lifesaving doses of Narcan .

Part of the training will be specific to hands only CPR. Most people who survive a cardiac emergency are helped by a bystander. In the training you will learn Hands- Only CPR so that you can be the bystander who provides lifesaving care until professional responders arrive.In addition Hands only CPR will be taught and a limited number of CPR kits will be available to participants.

Please call the Wellness Center to register or if you have additional questions  (845) 341-4870.

Please click on  link to register

Event date, time and location.

Susan Corbett
Wellness Center