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CAPE to Provide Training for Elant Nurses Through the NYS Health Workforce Retraining Initative Grant

Elant was recently awarded $101,176 to have 200-250 of its hospice and palliative care nurses trained in cultural awareness, and prepared for the HPNA certification exam in hospice and palliative care.

SUNY Orange’s CAPE and SUNY Dutchess will provide training in their respective counties. This program is one of the largest training contracts ever awarded to CAPE, and provides a great opportunity to work with one of the region’s largest assistive living centers.

The project enables Elant to further enhance the quality of care it delivers, while expanding the skills of many of the counties’ healthcare workers. If you have any further questions, contact Linda Ferris at845-341-9380.

Judy Osburn
Institutional Advancement