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Important Faculty/Staff Information for Commencement

The College's 64th annual Commencement Exercise will be held Thursday, May 22 at 5 p.m. on the College's Alumni Green.  Please visit our website at for important Commencement information.

Many of you may be familiar with the Commencement ceremony format, however,  if you are new to the College this information may be useful.

You can view and/or print the Academic Procession Line-up by navigating to the "P" drive and go to the folder labled "Commencement Info".  Open the files for Academic Procession Line-up and Cover Sheet.  To find your place in the line-up, press control "F" and type your last name.  This will bring you to your place in the line-up.  Listed at the end are the names of those excused, those who will be sitting on the platform, and those who are on duty 

If you are sitting on the platform you should assemble in Morrison Hall, where you will get instructions from Carol Murray.  If it rains, the Platform Party will assemble in the Dance Studio located in the Diana Physical Education Center.

You may also familiarize yourself with the diagrams showing the plans for an outdoor ceremony as well the indoor plan in case of inclement weather.

Paul Basinski, with the help of a few others, will be organizing the line of march. If you have any questions regarding the faculty line-up you can contact him at ext. 4828 or email

Paul Broadie
Vice President for Student Services