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Fire and Evacuation Drills Planned College-wide During First Week of June

College community,

The College will be conducting its regular "Fire and Evacuation" drills June 2 and 3 on the Middletown campus and June 4 and/or 5 on the Newburgh campus.

This is a requirement of New York State Education law and SUNY Orange fire and safety security policy. Your unbiased and vigilant observation of the fire and evacuation drill will help us meet the requirements and adjust methods presently used so that we may achieve the safest possible fire and evacuation drills. 

Please remember that "NO ELEVATORS" should ever be used during these drills or a real time emergency fire evacuation.

Please assist (if needed) any handicapped people in your immediate area.

Thank you.

Bob Putney

Bob Putney
Safety and Security