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Board of Trustees Approves Revisions to Two College Policies

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At its April 15 meeting, the SUNY Orange Board of Trustees approved revisions to two College policies ... BP2.24 "Children on Campus" and BP4.4 "Authority for Contracts and Grants."

The revised policy text is included below.

College policies can be found on the SUNY Orange web site, at the following link:

BP2.24: Children on Campus

The College’s facilities and properties are designed for an adult population of students, faculty and staff. With the exception of the child care center and, on special occasions, when children visit a campus for a College-sponsored educational event, that adult environment is not designed to protect the safety and well-being of children.

Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied and supervised by a parent, guardian or another adult who has been so designated by a parent or guardian. At no time are children allowed in classrooms or laboratories. This policy is intended to protect the visiting child from harm and to prevent disruptions to classroom and laboratory activities. Under no circumstances, supervision notwithstanding, will a child be allowed to enter any campus space that the President deems unsafe.

The Board of Trustees directs the President to develop such procedures as to fairly implement this policy.

BP4.4: Authority for Contracts and Grants

The Board of Trustees is authorized by Education Law § 6306 (7) to enter into contracts and agreements it deems necessary and appropriate for the effective operation of the College. The size and complexity of the College is such that individual review by the Board of Trustees of every agreement is neither feasible nor in the best interest of the College. Therefore, certain delegations of contracting authority are appropriate within specified guidelines for the timely, efficient administration of the College.

The President is delegated contracting authority and hereby expressly authorized and empowered to contract in the name of the College. The President is also authorized to approve applications for, and acceptance of, grant awards.

The Board of Trustees directs the President to develop such procedures as to fairly implement this policy.


Mike Albright