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Art Lecture - Evelyn Nesbit - Turn of the Century Gibson Girl

Susan Slater-Tanner, of the Arts & Communication Department, will present a lecture and artistic examination of "Evelyn Nesbit, Turn of the Century Gibson Girl" at 11 a.m., Thursday, Nov. 11 in Room 102 of the Library.

She will discuss Nesbit's popularity in America as the early Gibson Girl as well as in fine art applications. Her presentation is based upon the best-selling novel "American Eve-Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White: The Birth of the "It" Girl and the Crime of the Century" by Paula Uruburu.

Please join us as a preparation for a book discussion to follow in the Spring.

Excerpt from Publishers Weekly:

Uruburu, an associate professor of English at Hofstra who has consulted for the History Channel, examines the notorious life of model and chorus girl Evelyn Nesbit (1885?–1967), whose rise to stardom was as spectacular as her subsequent fall. Born in rural Pennsylvania, Florence Evelyn Nesbit was an exceedingly pretty infant who by 15 had achieved success as an actress and model in New York City, where her blend of sultry sexuality and unspoiled purity attracted the eye of famed architect and playboy Stanford White. But Pittsburgh heir and sexual sadist Harry K. Thaw wanted Nesbit for himself and vowed to expose White's immoral conduct with underage girls. Thaw went on to brutally rape and beat Nesbit, yet she agreed to marry him. Still consumed with jealousy, Thaw shot White to death in 1906, leading to a headline-grabbing trial. Uruburu's depiction of Nesbit's early life and career is richly detailed, but the book loses steam near the end and barely addresses Nesbit's post-trial tailspin into alcoholism. Still, readers will appreciate the parallels between Nesbit's It Girl status and our own celebrity-obsessed culture.




Event date, time and location.

Susan Slater-Tanner
Arts and Communications