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Academic News:

  • Library COVID resources for students, Chromebooks and OERs
    (Andrew Heiz, Library)
    The library is distributing Chromebooks for students who need devices to connect to on line learning. Please let your students know that to borrow a Chromebook they just need to fill out the form linked below:


  • Cosmic Distances of the Summer Sky, as Viewed from your own Backyard
    (Dorothy Szefc, Cultural Affairs)
    Tuesday, June 16 proved to be an exciting evening of astronomy. Starting at 6:30 pm, presenters Brian Levine and Irene Pease explained distances from Earth to the Moon and Earth to other planets using superb graphics to demonstrate the distance ladder....

Technology Update:

  • Ensemble Streaming Server Upgrade on July 6
    (Maureen Larsen, Academic Technology)
    Greetings! The SUNY Orange Ensemble streaming server ( will be offline on July 6, from 8:30 am until approximately 10:30 am. During this time the system will be upgraded to add new features and functionality.

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