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Revised Dates for "Up on the Roof" -- Telescope Viewing of Constellations, Jupiter and the Moon!

Because of the storm that wreaked havoc on Orange County on May 15 and caused a 99%-100% cloud cover the following night, Astronomy Night was postponed. The new dates are Tuesday, June 19 with rain/cloud date Thursday, June 21. The timeframe of the event is slightly later >8:15 to 10pm< because we are reaching Summer Solstice.  

Also, the focus of viewing will be slightly different as only one planet, Jupiter, will be visible. However, a treat is in store for sky watchers – a waxing crescent moon. Join us for

“Up on the Roof” -- Telescope Viewing of Constellations, Jupiter and the Moon.

Music about stars, planets, the moon, and, indeed, the Drifters’ “Up on the Roof” will provide a celestial ambience. To add to the fun and learning experience, adjunct professor of astronomy Tom Blon, who leads the evening program, has also created a “Constellation Trivia” game.

Professor Blon, who teaches at the Middletown campus, will have the college’s large telescopes set up on the patio roof –door 320 on the top floor-- at the Rowley Center for Science and Engineering [RCSE]. Adjunct professor of physics Kevin McGee will also bring his own big telescope. Also, adjunct professor of astronomy William Istone, who teaches at the Newburgh campus, will be on hand with his telescope. In addition, John Kocijanski, leader of the Catskill Astronomy Club, a retired Monroe-Woodbury High School astronomy and earth science teacher, is coming with his telescope. They are all ready to share their expertise and give attendees instructions on the use of the telescopes and what participants will be able to view.

Describing his feelings about looking up into the “vast world of so many unknowns,” Blon states, “I enjoy sharing the night sky. I feel a bond with all humans who have watched the heavens.”

This outdoor evening event is free and open to the public. Unless it is a blistering hot day, bring along a lightweight jacket because it gets nippy out in the night air and wind.

The Rowley Center for Science and Engineering [RCSE] was designed as a sustainable, green building and is completely ADA compliant. The patio roof is the section of the building that is a flat roof where native plants grow and unobstructed views of the skies await you.

Questions may be directed to Cultural Affairs at (845) 341-4891 and website:

Event date, time and location.

Dorothy Szefc
Cultural Affairs