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The Campus Grapevine and Student Grapevine are the College’s primary internal communications tools. They are distributed twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) via e-mail. The Campus Grapevine is sent to to all faculty and staff with an @sunyorange.edu e-mail address. The Student Grapevine is forwarded to all registered students for that particular semester. Both are also posted on the College web site with announcements retained in an archive section for later reference.

Criteria: Campus Grapevine and Student Grapevine content will be restricted to official College-related business only. Content can include such things as: announcing an official policy or procedure; delivering news of broad importance (inclement weather, security, etc.); announcing an official College event; delivering messages that must be communicated to the entire college community (required safety training, etc.).

Deadlines: Deadlines for submitting items for Campus Grapevine and/or Student Grapevine consideration are Noon on Monday (for Tuesday’s issue) and Noon on Wednesday (for Thursday’s issue). Items that are submitted following the established deadlines can/will be considered for the next available Grapevine distribution.

Submission Form: The submission form, available online at http://www.sunyorange.edu/wea/posting/new, is the only method for submitting information to the Campus Grapevine and/or Student Grapevine. The form accommodates submissions of events (for the online College calendar), announcements or an event/announcement combination.

Confirmation: As a security measure (to confirm the poster’s identity and relationship to the College), an e-mail confirmation notice will be generated for each submission request to either Grapevine. When users receive this notice, they will be required to access the included “confirmation link.” Submitters can then edit their submission, or simply confirm. Upon confirmation, the items will enter the system, where they will await approval.

Approval: Submitted items for the Campus Grapevine and/or Student Grapevine will be reviewed for approval by the Director of Communications or his/her designee, utilizing the criteria above. Employees who have submissions that are denied or suspended (pending further review, information or editing) will be notified via e-mail of the reason for the denial or suspension.

Campus/Student Grapevine Date Structure: When using the Grapevine submission form, you will be given a range of dates for when your item may be included in the Campus Grapevine and/or the Student Grapevine. If you are submitting an announcement ONLY, your range of dates will include all available Tuesdays and Thursdays within the three weeks following the date of your submission. If you are submitted an event/announcement combination, you will be given a range of dates that includes all available Tuesdays and Thursdays within the three weeks preceding your event date. The rationale is that “announcements only” are items that will need to be distributed soon, while event/announcement combinations may be entered into the system early—to take advantage of exposure on the College calendar—but submitters will want to hold the announcement until closer to the event. If you post an "event only", the information goes directly to the online calendar and you will not be presented with a series of dates on the form.

Urgent notifications: On those rare instances when items of importance must be delivered to faculty and staff outside of the framework of the Campus Grapevine, information will be distributed campus-wide via an “urgent@sunyorange.edu” or “timesensitive@sunyorange.edu” listserv. Items that must be sent via this method must be routed to one of the Vice Presidents, who will have the authorization to enforce the criteria above when determining the urgency of the message. Items that can be held for a future Campus Grapevine issue will be rejected by the respective Vice President and submitters will be asked to utilize the submission form. For items that must be delivered to students, the College will use a student listserv that includes email addresses of students registered for that particular semester.

Student Grapevine: Faculty and staff have the option of including their announcements and events only in the Campus Grapevine, only in the Student Grapevine, or in both areas simultaneously. Items intended for the Student Grapevine should have some relevance to students. Any announcements for student clubs or organizations will be processed through the Student Activities Office, or must be confirmed by the club’s faculty or staff advisor. Student leaders of clubs and organizations are encouraged to use Grapevine submission form to include content in the Student Grapevine. However, the submissions must meet the criteria above and ALL announcements must be routed to the club advisor or sponsor for “confirmation” so that College support for the events can be authenticated.

Posting online: Submitters to the Campus Grapevine may occasionally have an announcement that is intended only for the campus community and is not suitable for viewing by students or external community members. In these instances, the submission form has a “Show on Public Website” check box that, when left unchecked, will allow the notice to be included in the e-mail version of the Campus Grapevine, but not in the online version of the Campus Grapevine.