Testing Tips

Tips for Success

  • Get a good night’s rest before you take your exam. It will improve your performance and concentration.
  • Eat properly before you arrive to take your test. You will not be allowed to bring food or drinks inside the Testing Center, and in most cases, if you leave the Testing Center, your test will be considered completed.
  • Come early. Arriving a few minutes early will give you a chance to use the restroom and get settled before beginning your exam.
  • Leave electronic devices at home. Since you will not be allowed to use them while taking the exam, and the test proctor will not be able to monitor your belongings, save yourself the distraction and do not bring unnecessary electronics or valuables.
  • Make sure you understand the test directions. Your test proctor will not help you answer exam problems, but he or she will help explain instructions.
  • Ask the test proctor if you have any other questions!