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The Office of Student Support Initiatives offers the Student Success Workshop Series for all SUNY Orange students. The workshops will introduce students to the basic academic skills that college professors expect all students to be capable of in order to do well.

Workshops can be given anywhere on either of our campuses upon request. We are more than happy to come to your class, group or club. One-on-one sessions are also available. Please contact a student success specialist in order to to schedule a workshop.


Self Management 101

Learn why students procrastinate, how to identify it and how to over come the procrastination cycle. Learn how to be more effective and successful. This workshop introduces all the topics in the Success Workshop Series.

Goal Setting for Success

This workshop is designed to assist students in setting and achieving their academic goals. The workshop will cover both long and short term goals.

Using Your Textbook Wisely

Textbooks are expensive! Learn how to get the most out of your textbook. In this workshop you will learn tips and techniques for how to study and read wisely using your textbook.

Time Management

Develop techniques necessary to become and effective time manager. Learn how to prioritize, make effective lists, and become better at multi-tasking and studying.

Study Skills

This workshop provides a broad range of basic tips for improving general study habits. Learn how to study effectively and efficiently.

Organization 101

Learn organizational tips and tricks, and get your academic life organized! Learn how to use tools to balance your academic, personal, and work commitments.

Note Taking

Hone the note taking skills you need to succeed. The basic note taking skills learned in this workshop will provide a strong foundation for taking effective notes during lectures and while reading your textbook.

Learning Styles

What is your current approach to college level learning and studying? Discover what approaches to academic content will best match your particular needs and skill set.

The Importance of Being Involved

Discover ways that you can build your resume or just have some fun and network with other students. Learn how to make an investment in your college community.

Stress Management Techniques

Does the thought of a looming test get you nervous and shaky? Learn tips to help you breeze through your next test stress free!

Finals Preperation and Relaxation

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed in preparing for final exams. Learn how to regain control and make finals a week of success.

If you would like to schedule a workshop or have any questions or concerns please contact:

Alison Fisher
Student Success Specialist