ReStart Workshops

All students who have been readmitted to SUNY Orange, have been away from the college for a year or more, AND are on academic probation are REQUIRED to attend.

What is the ReSTART workshop?

This is a workshop designed to help students become familiar with college resources, financial literacy, and services available to them at SUNY Orange. The workshop is designed to offer strategies for academic success and financial wellness.

Who must attend?

You are considered a RESTART student if you have been away from the College for a year or more AND You are on academic probation (cumulative GPA is lower than 2.00)


**In order to successfully register for a ReStart Workshop, you must know your SUNY Orange login information**

Click here to register for a mandatory ReStart Workshop. You will be directed to the SUNY Orange login page, and will then be able to proceed with the form.