Information for Nominated Students

Photo: student looking at portrait of Sojourner Truth You have been nominated as an outstanding student in Orange County and as a result will be recognized at the 27th annual Orange County Community College Sojourner Truth Awards Program being held on Friday, March 10, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. The program is named in honor of Sojourner Truth, who lived in the mid-Hudson Valley region after escaping from slavery.  Ms. Truth is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly-regarded women of the nineteenth century.

The goal of this program is to recognize you for your accomplishments and to encourage you to consider attending college after you graduate from high school.  SUNY Orange welcomes you.

This program honors students for achievements in the areas of:

  • Athletics
  • Citizenship
  • Creative Arts
  • Diversity
  • English Language Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Perseverance / Effort
  • Sciences
  • Technology

What to expect at the program:

  • The program will be held in the Physical Education Building located on East Conkling Ave. in Middletown NY. It is important that you arrive by 5:00pm as the program begins promptly at 6:00pm. The program lasts about 2 hours.
  • All students are encouraged to wear proper attire.
  • Students may want to give their coats and belongings to their parents / guests due to the tight space in student seating.
  • Proceed to your school district’s area (there are signs marking each district).
  • Sign in with your liaison (He/She will be wearing a SUNY Orange name badge). He/She will provide you with a card with your name on it. Hold on to it as you will be asked to hand this card to the college personnel before you cross the stage. 
  • During the program, each district will be asked to proceed to the stage. Hand your card to the college personnel reading names, proceed across the stage and return to your seat.
  • All Certificates of Recognition will be mailed to your school to be distributed by school personnel. 

In order to be included in the ceremony you must complete the Electronic Response Card located on the left side of this page by MARCH 1indicating whether you will or will not attend. Failure to respond by MARCH 1 will result in your not being permitted to participate in the ceremony.

If you or your guest need special accommodations due to a disability please contact our office by February 24th at (845) 341-4000 or e-mail