1. Type of Scholarships
  2. Minimum Qualifications
  3. Application Procedure
  4. Acknowledgement Procedure
  5. Major Criteria for Awarding Scholarships
  6. Deadline

Type of Scholarships

  • Merit Based only – Scholarships awarded based upon merit only to those students continuing their education at SUNY Orange during 2014/2015
  • Merit and Financial Need – Scholarships awarded based upon merit and financial need

Current students wishing to receive consideration for scholarships are required to file the 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

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Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum CQPA of 2.5 at the end of Spring 2014 semester. The majority of available scholarships require a minimum CQPA of 3.0
  • Will be registering as a full time student; unless otherwise stated within the scholarship listing
  • Must be a current SUNY Orange student enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits in a degree or certificate program, and planning to re-enroll for the 2014-2015 academic year
  • Applicant need not be registered for the fall 2014 semester at the time of application. However, in order to receive a SUNY Orange Scholarship, the applicant must be registered on or before May 15, 2014 for the fall semester
  • Applicants whose actual enrollment status differs from the enrollment status checked on the application may be in jeopardy of losing their scholarship, as scholarship criteria can be very particular.

  • Students who have received a disciplinary action against them are not eligible to apply for a SUNY Orange Scholarship.

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Application Procedure

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Acknowledgement Procedure

  • Applicants are responsible to ensure that all materials submitted are complete

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Major Criteria Used to Award Scholarships

  • Academic performance at SUNY Orange
  • Two supporting Faculty Recommendations
  • Involvement in college and community service activities
  • Quality of typewritten essay
  • Demonstrated financial need where applicable

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  • Submission of ALL Application Materials must be by April 15, 2014

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