• All offices and cabinets should be locked and secured prior to leaving for any extended holiday leave (winter or spring recess).
  • Notify Safety and Security Services (extension 4710 Middletown and 9533 in Newburgh) if using your office during the recess when you arrive and when you leave.
  • All computer data and equipment should be on back up disks prior to extended leave.
  • Do not bring gifts bought during lunch hour to the office. Secure them in the trunk - not in the back seat.
  • Expensive outerwear (fur or leather coats) should be stored in a locked area while working.
  • Lock your office door every time you leave and while the office is empty.
  • Watch your jewelry, making sure that before leaving the washrooms you are in possession of all rings, bracelets, etc.
  • Place all valuables in a locked cabinet while working. Call Safety and Security Services for assistance in installing locks.
  • Do not use the college as a receiving address for mail order items.

Middletown Campus
Horton Hall
(845) 341-4710

Newburgh Campus
1st Floor of Tower Building
(845) 341-9533

Ed Kiely
Director of Safety and Security
Horton Hall
(845) 341-4934

Chris Clark
Security Coordinator - Newburgh Campus
1st Floor Tower Building
(845) 341-9510