Suggested Three Year Sequence

For Students wishing to spread the program out

Fall Year One

  • Freshman English I
  • Anatomy & Physiology I
  • General Psychology I
  • Foundations of Speech
  • Concepts of Physical Wellness
  • Apply to PTA Program by Feb. 1 (Please note that you are not in the PTA program until you have received an acceptance letter to the program. You are considered a "pre-PTA/Biological Science Major" until that time). Please review the admission requirements located in the "Viewbook," as this program has extra requirements.

Spring Year One

  • Freshman English II
  • Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Development Psychology I
  • Elementary Algebra
  • 1 credit Physical Education

Fall Year Two

  • PTA I
  • Introduction to Physical Therapy
  • Medical Conditions for the PTA

Spring Year Two

  • PTA II
  • Kinesiology

Fall Year Three

  • Basic Exercise Physiology
  • Clinical Education I
  • Tests & Measurement Skills for the PTA

Spring Year Three

  • PTA IV
  • Clinical Education II
  • Contemporary Practice for PTA's

Summer Session

  • Clinical Education III