Information for CCCEs & CIs

Survey: Continuing Education Topics

Please assist us in helping you achieve your continuing education requirements for re-licensure by taking the survey below (click on link). This will help us prioritize the types of speakers and/or topics that should be provided for you. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Earn Continuing Education Credit for Being a CI

New York State Education Department now allows .25 continuing education credits for every 2 weeks that a PT or PTA serves as a Clinical Instructor up to a cap of 6 credits for every 3 year registration period.

This translates into the following for the Clinical Education sector of our PTA Progam:

Clinical Education 1
.75 credits total
2 days/week for 15 weeks (30 days)
Clinical Education 2
.75 credits total
2 days/week for 15 weeks (30 days)
Clinical Education 3
.75 credits total
5 days/week for 6 weeks (30 days)

If more than one CI participates in a student's clinical education experience, the shared credit must always total .75; for example if two CIs participate equally, then each would receive .375 credits.

For more Continuing Education information, link to the New York State Education Department † for their Questions and Answers section.


PTA Student Dress Code

We require the students to wear a uniform: uniform polo short sleeve (navy or black color with school insignia) with khaki, navy, or black pants (dress or docker style). No jeans even in pediatric affiliation. The uniform will not expose the shoulders or stomach. Sneakers and shoes must be white, black or tan; clean, neat, low heel height and closed in.

Should a student appear at clinical affiliation not wearing the required dress code, the Clinical Instructor will inform the student that he/she should leave the clinical affiliation and will need to make up the day.

If a clinical affiliation prefers, a white lab coat may be worn over the uniform.

Appropriate identification (ID badge) must always be viewable.


Clinical Education: I - Fall Semester, II - Spring Semester, and III - Summer Semester

Clinical Education I:

Tuesday, end of August - First Thursday, December (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Holidays: Labor Day, Columbus Day (students attend campus on Tuesday following this holiday), & November Break - end of November

Midterm Evaluation: Thursday, Mid-October

Final Evaluation: Thursday, Early-December


Clinical Education II:

Tuesday, mid-January - First Thursday, May (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Holidays: Spring Break (3rd or 4th week of March)

Midterm Evaluation: Thursday, Mid-March

Final Evaluation: Thursday, Early-May


Clinical Education III:

Monday, Mid-May - Last Wednesday of June/First Wednesday of July (Monday through Friday)

Holidays: Graduation Rehearsal Day, Graduation Day, and Memorial Day

Midterm Evaluation: Wednesday, Early-June

Final Evaluation: Wednesday, Late-June/Early-July


Learning Contract

If at midterm, the Clinical Instructor has marked any student performance items (especially Part 1. A-E) as "unsatisfactory", a learning contract should be written that clearly states the areas that must improve and the activities and level of competence that the student must achieve by the final in that clinical setting. You may download the Learning Contract from the link below or request that a hard copy be sent to you and/or discuss with visiting Clinical Liaison or Academic Coordinator of Clinical education. Sample pages are included in the Learning Contract to assist you.

Developing a Learning Contract .pdf

Developing a Learning Contract .txt

A Learning Contract may be written at any time that a problem is identified - before as well as after the midterm.


Clinical Education Assignment Requests

Clinical Education I (15 week Fall Semester, Tuesdays and Thursdays only), Clinical Education II (15 week Spring Semester, Tuesdays and Thursdays only); and Clinical Education III (May/June/July, 5 days/week for 6 weeks).

We would appreciate hearing back from everyone who received the request form by the end of the first week of April.


A Reminder of Important Responsibilities of CCCEs/CIs

  • If the clinical site employs both PTs and PTAs, a PTA student should be provided with appropriate role-modeling of the PT/PTA relationship which is characterized by trust, mutual respect, cooperation, effective on-going communication, problem-solving and teamwork
  • If the Clinical Instructor is a PTA, supervision of the PTA student should include appropriate interaction with the supervising PT


For Your Awareness Regarding Direct Access

New York State Education Department

Does the law allow a physical therapist treating without a referral to delegate treatment to a physical therapist assistant, a student or someone on a limited permit?

Once the physical therapist with the direct access privilege has completed the evaluation, discussed the plan of care with the patient and determined the treatment plan, the care can be provided by a physical therapist assistant, a student or someone on a limited permit. However, only the physical therapist with the direct access privilege may alter the plan of care. Regardless of who provides the care, treatment without a referral is limited to 10 visits or 30 days, whichever occurs first.


Important Links Regarding NYS Law and Physical Therapy


Limited Permit Rules Regarding Graduating PTAs

Limited permits may be issued to physical therapist assistants (effective February 9, 2003); the fee is $50. Limited permits for physical therapist assistants are valid for 6 months. An application for a limited permit (Form 5) must be filed with or after submitting an Application for Licensure (Form 1 and $103 fee). A limited permit cannot be issued until all required documents are received, including Form 2 from the college acknowledging that the student has completed all academic and clinical components of the program and is a student in good standing. Only upon documented approval of the limited permit (issuance of limited permit number by New York State), is the graduating PTA able to begin employment as a PTA. The limited permit issued is good for 6 months only. A PTA graduate may apply for and receive confirmation of a second limited permit which is also for 6 months only, but this second limited permit is only approved if the graduate has already taken and failed the National Physical Therapy Examination for PTAs or has already applied for the NPTE. Therefore a graduating PTA student may only work for up to a total of one year on a limited permits. The issuance of a second 6-month term limited permit is NOT automatic. Do not let first permit expire if planning to request a second limited permit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only Physical Therapist graduates have a 90 day exemption immediately following graduation, assuming they have abided by several rules. This exemption does NOT apply to physical therapist assistant graduates.

The Department may issue limited permits to an applicant for licensure which authorize the practice of physical therapy under the on-site supervision of a New York State licensed and currently registered physical therapist. On-site supervision means that the supervising physical therapist is in the same facility and readily available to the permittee.

An applicant receiving a limited permit is restricted to employment in a public hospital, an incorporated hospital or clinic, a licensed proprietary hospital, a licensed nursing home, a public health agency, a recognized public or non-public school setting, the office of a licensed physical therapist, or in the civil service of New York State or a political subdivision in New York State.

PTA graduates must obtain a new permit if they change employment after a limited permit is issued. In other words, with each prospective employer, a new Form 5 needs to be submitted to the Office of the Professions. A new Form 5 would also need to be submitted if the graduate continues to work in the same facility but with a different supervisor. A new fee is not required for another permit issued as a result of a change in employment or change of supervisor in the same facility.

It is important for all PTA graduates working under a limited permit to remember that until they obtain their official certification, they must sign documents/charts with their signature followed by ", PTA-limited permittee".


Rights and Privileges of Clinical Education Faculty/ Adjunct Instructors

As a member of the Orange County Community College Community, you are entitled to a *faculty identification card and to the privileges associated therewith:

  1. Use of the Learning Resource Center and its collection.
  2. Use of the Health Club Facilities/Gymnasium.
  3. Faculty-priced tickets to all college-sponsored events.
  4. Access to cultural, education, and social activities at the Campus.
  5. Issuance of a Parking Permit for use in the Faculty & Staff lots.
  6. Inclusion in the College Catalog. (CCCEs only)
  7. Use of all the Physical Therapist Assistant Department’s audio/visual tapes, films, etc.
  8. Attendance at annual Clinical Educators’ meetings, a portion of which is always devoted to faculty development.
  9. Assistance in filling staff vacancies.
  10. Consultation on professional matters on Local, State & National levels.
  11. Sharing of all educational material, i.e., handouts, journal articles, textbooks, etc.
  12. Invited to attend College sponsored workshops.

* Please contact our office: (845) 341-4291 - prior to your visits to the College to obtain your photo ID card and so that we can confirm your faculty status with the staff at the George F. Shepard Student Center where the card is processed.

Feel free to contact us if we can provide you with any further information.


CCCE & CI Goals & Activities


Clinical Education Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are listed for CCCEs, CIs, ACCE, and students


Program Mission

Orange County Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program strives to recruit and admit a full class of qualified candidates from our community; to provide each student with an enriching educational experience; to enhance and to deepen the appreciation of our diversified culture.  Our faculty seeks to instill personal commitment of the students to graduate, ready their ability to obtain employment, and establish their place within the health care system.


Program Philosophy

The Orange County Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Department bases its educational approach on the vision and values of the greater college.  It is the philosophy of our department to embrace the culturally diverse population encountered in the community college setting fostering a caring and supportive environment based on mutual respect and integrity between faculty to student, and student to student.  We strive to provide excellence in PTA education and are committed to maintaining the educational standards set forth by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  This is accomplished by providing an enriching and nurturing environment populated by faculty, staff and students, diverse and multicultural, offering a mixture of both professional and life experiences.

The faculty members, staff and clinical educators of Orange County Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Department make every effort to acknowledge, respect and accommodate every type of learning, style of learner, and stage of learning ensuring that all students receive a challenging and rewarding academic, clinical and intellectual experience.  We recognize that the student population contains an assortment of individuals who span various age groups, cultural backgrounds, and value systems.  We are committed to providing all students with appropriate professional role modeling with the intention to promote the importance the PTA possesses in the connection with the PT and their patients/clients.  Our focus is on life long commitment to the profession, dedication to the surrounding communities and personal career development.  Our intention is to instill the value which the PTA brings to the PT and his/her patient/client.


Program Outcome & Goals


Students will:

1. Possess entry-level skills as determined by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

2. Be able to work under the direction and supervision of a licensed physical therapist in an ethical, legal, safe, and effective manner becoming an integral member of the healthcare team.

3. Demonstrate appropriate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in their role as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the New York State Education Law as it relates to the provision of Physical Therapy services.

5. Successfully complete the National Physical Therapy Exam for PTAs.

6. Develop the skills necessary to pursue lifelong learning needed for personal and professional growth.

7. Be aware of their responsibility to promote the profession through membership in the APTA, attending local and national meetings and conferences, and participation in community events.

Program/Faculty Goals:

1. Provide role modeling for relationships of PT/PTA and PTA/PTA;

2. Provide role modeling by full-time faculty/instructors in the pursuit of lifelong learning for personal and professional growth including but not limited to membership in the APTA, attending local and national meetings and conferences, and participation in community events;

3. Encourage faculty members’ development in both teaching and professional skills, so that they can continue to revise their courses and help in program evaluation and revisions;

4. Provide the student with a variety of clinical experiences in order that he/she may have an opportunity to practice the complete range/variations of competencies/skills included in our curriculum;

5. Provide the student with the opportunity to gain additional information on professional topics by making resources, on hand, readily available;

6. Continual ongoing program assessment to insure that all aspects of the program are kept up to date and appropriate.


Required Documentation

If you have received requests from us to complete an updated contractual agreement and/or Clinical Site Information Form(s), please complete and mail to us as soon as possible at Orange County Community College, Physical Therapist Assistant Department, 115 South Street, Middletown, NY 10940. Call our office at: (845) 341-4280 if you need to have the forms mailed to you.

The CSIF form is also downloadable from the APTA Education web page†. When you arrive on the web page, you will need to click on the sixth line item, "Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF)". You may also submit it to our secretary by email to