Faculty Staff Development Committee (FSDC)

This governance standing committee encourages professional growth for the College community by:

Current FSDC Chair's Contact Info: Liza Fragola- Grants Coordinator- Accountant

Business Office OH Rm: 219 (845) 341-4913

Course funding:

Full time permanent faculty/staff and full time CSEA employees who sit on a governance committee.

Eligible employees may request up to $1,000 per academic year (9/1-8/31)

Apply for funding for a course Instructions are at the top of the form. (Funding for courses at SUNY member institutions require an additional SUNY B-140W form (MS Word) Application for Tuition).

Follow the instructions for the type of funding you are interested in below:

Non- SUNY courses: Complete online application (link).

Once applications are reviewed and voted on by FSDC applicant will receive an email from the chair stating if the application was approved. If your application is approved you are required to complete and pass the course. Within 30 days from completing the course you will need to complete and submit the reimbursement form (link), completion form (link), proof of passing the course, and proof of payment for the course to the FSDC Chair. Once these final four items are received by the chair your reimbursement will be processed and mailed to you.

Conference Funding

The Faculty and Staff Development Committee worked with Executive Committee to outline the steps needed to apply for conference funding and can be read by downloading the document. The application for conference funding can be downloaded and filled out. Print the form and send to the Associate Vice President for your academic division.

Read more at our College Governance Standing Committees webpage.