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Professional Development

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SUNY Orange strives to meet the professional and personal development needs of all SUNY Orange employees by providing educational opportunities for faculty and staff at various stages in their careers, and providing all employees with facilitated learning opportunities in a wide variety workshops and presentations.

Both the Faculty Staff Development Committee and the ad-hoc Professional Development Committee and Governance have provided input and guidance towards this goal.

This governance standing committee encourages professional growth for the College community by:

  • Reviewing college-wide criteria and procedures for distributing funding for conferences.
  • Establishing and reviewing college-wide criteria and procedures for distributing professional development funding of coursework.
  • Reviewing and approving applications for financial support of coursework through the Faculty and Staff
  • Development Fund based on its annual budgetary limits.
  • Serving in an advisory capacity to and making programming recommendations for the Center for Teaching and learning.
  • Serving as a college-wide resource for directing requests for professional development needs.

Current FSDC Chair: John Rion

Contact Info:

Math Office Harriman - 315

(845) 341-4853


Professional Development Forms:

Our Professional Development forms listing contains information on how to access sources of funding for professional development. This includes:

  • grants for courses and coursework taken outside SUNY Orange.
  • attending conferences
  • tuition waivers are available for classes at SUNY Orange.

Course funding requirements:

  • Full time permanent faculty/staff and full time CSEA employees who sit on a governance committee.
  • Eligible employees may receive up to $1,000 per academic year (September 1 to August 31).
  • Courses may be undergraduate credit or graduate level credit.
  • Apply for funding for a course Instructions are at the top of the form. (Funding for courses at SUNY member institutions require an additional SUNY B-140W form (MS Word) Application for Tuition).

Professional Development Fund balances as of April 16, 2020:

SUNY FUND: $0.00

GENERAL FUND: $2,748.00


Follow the instructions for the type of funding you are interested in below:

  • Conferences: Please contact your AVP or VP regarding available conference funding.
  • SUNY Orange Courses: Tuition waivers for SUNY Orange courses are processed through Human Resources. Contact HR for details.
  • SUNY member college course (Other than SUNY Orange):
    • DO NOT pay the SUNY institution you are attending for the amount approved by FSDC as you will not be personally reimbursed. The SUNY institution you are attending is responsible for requesting the amount approved by SUNY Orange from SUNY Central.
    • Applicant must complete part I of the B 140-W form (MS Word).
    • Obtain their Department Chair s signature, Human Resources signature, and then submit it to the FSDC Chair.
    • FSDC Chair will present at the next FSDC meeting, the committee will discuss and vote.
    • If the application is approved the FSDC Chair will submit to the president s office for final signature.
    • Once signed, the president s office will return the original form to the applicant and it is the applicant s responsibility to keep a copy and submit the original form to the SUNY institution where they will taking the course. The president s office will also send a copy of the completed form to the FSDC Chair and HR for their records.
    • Once the applicant has completed the course they are required to complete and submit the completion form (attach form/link) to the FSDC Chair within 30 days of completing the course.
  • Non- SUNY course: Complete online application (link).
    • Applications are reviewed and voted on by FSDC.
    • Include proof of payment with online application.
    • Applicant will receive an email from the chair stating if the application was approved.
    • If your application is approved you are required to complete and pass the course.
    • Within 30 days file completion report and include proof of successful completion of the course, to the FSDC Chair. Once these items are received by the committee chair your reimbursement will be processed and mailed to you.

Educational Opportunities

Read more at our College Governance Standing Committees webpage.