ANGEL Workshops - Get Your Wings!

Are you a faculty member interested in using Angel for an online, hybrid or web-enhanced course?

Workshops will be offered at both campuses

The full series of Angel Training Workshops for teaching online will be offered on both campuses.
There are six 2-hour training workshops.
To complete training for online teaching, you must register for and attend all 6 sessions in the series.

Workshops will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Angel
  • Effective Online Content Presentation
  • Facilitating Effective Online Interaction
  • Authentic Online Assessment
  • Teaching and Managing Your Course Online
  • Putting it All Together

If you would like to participate in a workshop, please meet with your Department Chair, fill out the DL Form (PDF) and have the form forwarded to your AVP for approval. Then register for the workshops via the links on the Professional Development web page (Link on Left)

Please visit the Professional Development Events web page to register for all workshops.

  • Newburgh Campus Angel Training is usually held in Kaplan Hall Room 231
  • Middletown Campus Angel Training is usually held in the CTL

Web-Enhancement Training for Faculty

If you are interested in using Angel as a supplement to your on-campus course, online training is available in the form of short tutorial videos.

If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Ann Larsen, Director of Academic Technology at (845) 341-4484 or email

Advanced Angel Features Workshops

  • Setting up the Angel Gradebook
  • Using Rubrics in Angel
  • Podcasting
  • Adding Course Objectives to Assignments in Angel
  • Adding Video and Graphics to Your Course

The workshops are concise, 1 hour mini-courses on a single topic. Announcements for these workshops will be made via the Grapevine.