Courses Offered Fall 2014 - August 25, 2014 - December 11, 2014

Course name
Instructor Contact Information
ACC153 DL Financial Accounting
ACC154 DL Managerial Accounting
ART101 DL Introduction to Art
ART121 DL Digital Photography++
ART123 DL Visual Communication & Graphics Design I
BIO120 DL Biology for Today
BIO123 DL Prehistoric Life*
BUS101 DL Business Mathematics
BUS103 DL Introduction to Business
BUS105 DL Business and Society
BUS161 DL Computer Applications for Business
BUS201 DL Business Law
BUS203 DL Business Communications+
BUS207 DL Intro to International Business
CRJ101 DL Criminal Justice
CRJ103 DL Understanding the Juvenile Offender
CRJ105 DL Police-Community Relations
CRJ107 DL Industrial and Private Security
CRJ111 DL Criminology
CRJ215 DL Criminal Investigation 1
ECO201 DL Macro-Economics
ECO202 DL Micro-Economics
ENG102 DL Freshman English 2
GEO101 DL Elements of Physical Geography
GEO102 DL Human Geography
HIS101 DL U.S. History to 1865
HIS102 DL U.S. History Since 1865
HIS121 DL World History to 1500 AD
HIS123 DL Latin American History
HIS131 DL Medieval & Renaissance Europe
MGT201 DL Principles of Management
MGT203 DL Entrepreneurship
MKT101 DL Principles of Marketing
MUS101 DL Introduction to Music
PHL111 DL Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
PES100DL1 Concepts of Physical Wellness
PES100DL2 Concepts of Physical Wellness
PES100DL3 Concepts of Physical Wellness
PES100DL4 Concepts of Physical Wellness
POL102 DL U.S. Government State & Local
PSY101 DL1 General Psychology 1
PSY101 DL2 General Psychology 1
PSY101 DL3 General Psychology 1
PSY102 DL1 General Psychology 2
PSY102 DL2 General Psychology 2
PSY220 DL Developmental Psychology
PSY220 DL2 Developmental Psychology
PSY221 DL Child Psychology
RAD213 DL Rad Tech Clinical Practicum 3;
RAD219 DL1 Medical Terminology
RAD219 DL2 Medical Terminology
RAD219 DL3 Medical Terminology
RAD219 DL4 Medical Terminology
SOC101 DL Intro to Sociology
SOC120 DL Social Problems
SPN101 DL Elementary Spanish 1
SPN102 DL Elementary Spanish 2
SPN203 DL Spanish Conversation and Comp

* This course will include a trip to the Museum of Natural History. Students must provide their own transportation for this trip.

+ One on-campus evening meeting required for oral presentations - date TBA

++ Required: Camera of 5 megapixels or higher

Proctored exams will be administered at a SUNY Orange campus or an instructor-approved site arranged by the student.

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