User Profile

How to Create a User Profile

In the Communicate tab of each course in ANGEL is a Course Roster link. The Course Roster provides a list of your instructors and fellow students. The basic view will show the person's name, e-mail address and a link to the person's user profile. Toward the top of the page is a "show pictures" link to view photos submitted by users.

You have the option of sharing a myriad of information with other ANGEL users. You may set the level of profile accessibility to share items with everyone in the system, other students, team leaders or instructors. What you post and who has access to your information is set by you.

To post information in your profile:

  1. Log into your ANGEL course and click the Preferences icon ( preferences icon ).
  2. Under General User Settings click Personal Information.
  3. The User Profile Editor presents a choice of four main categories; Name Settings, About Me, Organizational Settings and Contact Settings .
  4. Fill out all the information you want to share.
Tip: Be sure that the Viewable By settings are set to the correct value. For example, if you would like only your instructors to see your Phone Settings set the Viewable By settings to Course/Group Mentors or above.
  1. If you would like to share an image with other users click the Add button next to the Photo URL text box (you may also enter the URL location of the image if the image is posted on the internet).
Tip: For best results use images cropped close to your face. Size images 100 pixels wide by 140 pixels high at 72 dpi (dots per inch). If you do not have software to edit photos Google provides free image software for PC users called Picasa.
  1. Click the Browse button to locate the picture you want to upload then click the Upload Picture button to send the file to the server. Only files with a .GIF or .JPG extension will be accepted.

How to View a User Profile

  1. Log into your ANGEL course and click the Communicate tab.
  2. Click the Course Roster link.
  3. Click a user's user profile link.
  4. When finished click the Done button below the user profile.