Icons in Angel

Under the Learning Modules tab, you will find the following icons:

Icon Description
Folder – organization for more content.
Page – course content that is viewed on the screen.
Link – connects to other web pages. Links can be within the course, to a text book publisher, or another web site on the World Wide Web.
Quiz – a practice test or an exam.
Survey – anonymous responses back to your instructor.
File – content that will be downloaded to your local computer. The file can take on many different formats.
drop box
Drop Box – where you submit your homework assignments.
Discussion Forum – a gradable area where you can collaborate with your instructor and or other students in your class by posting questions and answers.

You can click on an icon as well as the text to the right of it to enter the area chosen.

My Notes, Previous & Next

Under your name, on the right side of the screen, are My Notes, Previous & Next.

my notes, previous and next


My Notes – allows you create or view personal notes for specific content items.

Previous & Next – allow you to navigate through the lesson content without using bread crumbs or the back arrow on your browser.