How to Post to a Discussion Forum

Threaded discussion forums allow you to post, reply, and search messages from the instructor and other students.

To post a message to a discussion forum:

  1. Log into your ANGEL course and click the Learning Modules (or Communicate) tab.
  2. Navigate to the discussion forum you want to post to and click the icon (discussion forum icon) or title of the discussion. The discussion forum appears on the screen.

  3. If the discussion forum has existing postings, you can click the title of each posting to review the posted message.

  4. Click the New Post hyperlink (in the toolbar located in the top frame) to post a new message or click the Reply hyperlink (in the toolbar located in the bottom frame) to reply to a particular posting. (Make sure that you follow your Instructors directions for posting to a discussion forum.)

  5. Type a subject for your message in the Subject field.

  6. Type your message in the Message field.

  7. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to submit your post.

Note: Optionally click the Check Spelling hyperlink to check the spelling of your message before submitting. The HTML Editor allows you to format your message with an easy-to-use editor. Click the Attachments button to upload an attachment with your message.