Course Page

The Course page is the Home page for a course. The nuggets (boxes) within this page may vary by instructor. The following figure shows a typical layout for the Course page.


1. Navigation tabs. The Navigation tabs for each section.

2. Map. The Map is located on the left side of the screen and is opened and closed via a handle in the upper right. You can open and close the Map as needed.

3. Activity at a Glance. This nugget gives you a "snapshot" of your own activity within the course by day of week during the current week. The graphs include Logons (the number of times the student has logged in), Mail Messages (the number of messages sent and received), Discussion Posts (the number of discussion posts made), and Submissions (the number of Drop box assignments and Assessments submitted).

4. Course Mail. Allows you to both read and compose mail and displays the number of unread messages within this course

5. Course Announcements. Important course information will be posted here. Whenever you enter your course, check to be sure you read any new announcements.

6. Your Grade. Shows your current grade by category. Because this student has just begun the course, she does not yet have a course grade.

7. Identity bubble. Displays your name. Clicking the down arrow at the end of the label will open up a list of all of your current courses and groups and allow you to navigate to one of these without having to return your ANGEL Home page.

Note: Throughout Angel documentation, Angel will refer to the Learning Modules tab as the Lessons tab. These terms are interchangeable. The content for your course will be located in the Learning Modules tab.