How to Post to Live Chat

Live Chat supports real-time communication between students and instructor. If enabled, users can view a log of previous chat conversations by clicking the View Logs hyperlink located below the hyperlink chat room title.

To post to a chat room:

  1. Log into your ANGEL course and click the Communication tab.
  2. Navigate to the Live chat you want to participate in and click the hyperlinked title of the Live chat. The Live chat interface appears on the screen.
  3. Type a message in the empty text box (located at the bottom of the screen) and click Send.

Tip: To send a private message, click on their name in the Online Users frame, type your message, and click Send.

  1. Click the Options hyperlink to adjust the font color and message scroll options. When complete, click the Save Options hyperlink.

Note: When a user enters the chat they will not be able to see the chat text that was entered prior to entering. Previous messages may be seen later in the chat logs if the room is logged.