Mary Ford, Director, Office of Educational Partnerships
(845) 341-4760; Email

Lyla Ten Eyck, Senior Secretary, Office of Educational Partnerships
(845) 341-4765; Email

Mary Ford, Community College in the High School Program
(845) 341-4760; Email

Ramona Burton, Program Director, Liberty Partnerships Program
(845) 341-9061; Email

Malinda Ware, Program Coordinator/Counselor, Liberty Partnerships Program
(845) 341-9069; Email

Glennine Williams, Program Counselor, Newburgh, Liberty Partnerships Program
(845) 341-9064; Email

Amber Reeves, Satellite Center Coordinator, Monroe-Woodbury High School
(845) 460-7000 ext. 7004; Email

Linda Obermeyer, Satellite Center Coordinator, Port Jervis High School
(845) 341-4765; Email

Brenda Astorino, Satellite Center Coordinator, Warwick Valley High School
(845) 341-4765; Email