Information for Faculty

What is the purpose of the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS)?

The Office of Accessibility Services recognizes that some students have a disability that impacts their academic or campus experience. OAS advocates for an accessible educational environment by working collaboratively with students and SUNY Orange faculty, staff, and administration to coordinate reasonable accommodations that allow equal access and opportunity to our courses, programs, and services. Ultimately, this can improve a student's ability to learn, study, and participate in campus activities.

Who determines the accommodation?

Can I review the student's documentation of the disability?

No. OAS is the office designated to receive and interpret documentation of the disability. OAS staff members certify eligibility for services and determine accommodations. Disability information is confidential and students are not required to disclose this information to instructors. If you are concerned that a student is not disabled or otherwise qualified for the program, you should consult OAS.