Skills Labs

A variety of teaching methods and settings are used to integrate academic and clinical competencies.

Clinical skills learned and practiced in the College Laboratories are the basis for Client Care.

The Skills Laboratory is set up for practice, testing and research. A wall of student computers containing Case Study scenarios help bring the reality of client care into focus.

State of the Art technology in the form of Simulation Manikins complement the educational process. The manikins- Sim Man, Sim Kid and Sim Baby- are programmed to simulate various clinical care scenarios; student success is measured by the clients response. Students are all smiles when Sim Man says that he, " feels better thanks to the efforts of the student nurses."

Clinical Placements

Selected Community Health Care Agencies are utilized throughout Orange County and neighboring counties. Clinical Placements are directly related to the objectives of each course and include Acute Care, Long Term Care and Rehabilitation, and Community Health Care facilities.

Rotations occur 2-3 times each semester and may include such specialty areas as Critical Care, Psychiatry, and Maternal Child Care.