Annual Awards Convocation Allows College to Recognize Academic Achievement, Student Involvement

PHOTO: Nathanael Linton, Dr. Kristine Young, Eric Mahon, Carolyn WellerMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- SUNY Orange kicked off its annual end-of-year celebration of student achievements Tuesday evening (May 16) by issuing more than 200 scholarships and awards during its 58th annual Awards Convocation at the Paramount Theatre.

To more adequately handle the sizeable crowds that have been attending this event in recent years when it’s been held in the Shepard Student Center, the College moved Convocation off campus for the first time in its history. Under the supervision of Dr. Kristine Young, the College presented 36 scholarships to graduating students while issuing 168 academic and co-curricular awards. A sizeable crowd of more than 400 celebrated as SUNY Orange handed out its most prized academic achievement awards, scholarships to graduating students, and club and organizational awards.

Before issuing its own awards, the College recognized three winners of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence: Nathanael Linton (Middletown), Ramsey Marte (Middletown) and Carolyn Weller (Chester). The Chancellor’s Award is the highest academic honor that a community college student within the State University of New York can receive.

In addition to being honored for their Chancellor’s Awards, Linton and Weller were among three students who took home four awards on the night. Linton accepted the George R. “Bucky” Bartlett Jr. Scholarship, the Walter Albrecht Memorial Award, an award from the All 4 Jesus student club and an academic award of merit from the Honors Program. Weller, likewise, received an Honors Program award. She also was presented with Christine M. Morrison Scholarship, the Ruth Pollack Memorial Scholarship and the Dean Robert Greenman Award in American Studies.

PHOTO: SUNY Orange Convocation Ceremony 2017Eric Mahon (Pine Bush) earned the Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarhip, the Max H. Golub Memorial Scholarship, an award from the Middletown Student Senate and a meritorious service certificate from Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for students at two-year colleges.

A trio of students took home three awards each, including Renita Johnson (Middletown), Gregory Johnson (Pine Bush) and Alyssa Clark (Goshen). Gregory Johnson took home three music scholarship awards while Renita Johnson was presented with awards from the Middletown Student Senate and Newburgh Nursing Club, as well as a Phi Theta Kappa certificate. Clark accepted a scholarship and academic awards from the English and Education departments.

SUNY Orange will conduct its 67th annual Commencement Ceremony at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 18, on the Alumni Green at the Middletown campus. Renita Johnson will serve as the student speaker and Mahon will be the student marshal. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony would be moved indoors to the Edward A. Diana Physical Education Center. For those who are unable to attend the ceremony in person, the event will be streamed live online via the College web site.


George R. “Bucky” Bartlett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Nathanael A. Linton

William O. Bell Memorial Scholarship: Ricardo Ramirez Ortega

Amy Bull Crist Scholarship: Reuben M. Buck

Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship: Eric M. Mahon

Faculty/Staff Annual Scholarship: Meghan Duffy

Max H. Golub Memorial Scholarship: Eric M. Mahon

Odell S. Hathaway Scholarship: Janet Beam

David Kotler Memorial Scholarship: Michael Gentile

H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship: Ha M. Dao

Ivan Medina Memorial Scholarship: Adam Antoci

Christine M. Morrison Scholarship: Stephanie Pendell and Carolyn Weller

Orange County Community College Memorial  Scholarship: Anthony Lord

The Orange County Society of New York Scholarship: Megan Rosa

Elizabeth Parkhurst Memorial Scholarship: Trisha Feliciano

Ruth Pollack Memorial Scholarship: Carolyn Weller

Patrick B. Sweeney Annual Scholarship: Austin Davis

Dr. Hannah K. Vuolo Memorial Scholarship: Peyton Smith

Faculty Recommended Scholarships and Awards

Walter Albrecht Memorial Award: Nathanael A. Linton

Christopher J. Basta Memorial Scholarship: Russell Gouger

Chris G. Chachis Memorial Scholarship: Elyssa Wottring

Mary B. Diana Alumni Memorial Physical Education Scholarship: Nyasia Harris

Evening Nursing Graduate Award: Awa Jammeh

Marvin Feman Music Award: Gregory Johnson

Dean Robert Greenman Award in American Studies: Carolyn Weller

George F. Large Scholarship: Lydia Brown

Dr. Cortland Mapes Scholarship: Stephanie Ferrick and Peyton Smith

John B. Parkhurst Creative Writing Award: Alexander Martino

Physical Education & Recreation Club: The Ed Heitler Award: Kaylee Weinberg

Audrey A. Reilly Memorial Music Scholarship: Gregory Johnson

Charles J. Reilly Memorial Business Scholarship: Megan Raab

M. June Simpson Nursing Award: Jasmine Argueta

The Business Scholarship: Lisa Mitchell

Annette A. Whalen Memorial Scholarship: Carlos Hernandez

John T. Westermeier Award: Alyssa J. Clark

Sara K. Worcester Memorial Music Award: Gregory Johnson

Student Club Awards

All 4 Jesus Christian Club: Nathanael A. Linton, Thomas J. McCoskery, Kyle E. Whitton

Biology Club: Zachary T. Fernandez, Kieryn Hammer, Melanie L. Ocasio

Board of Activities: Patricia A. O’Brien

Chemistry Club: Courtney R. DeBeauvernet, John D. Di Virgilio, Rachael L. Richards

Computer Club: Nora Borsare, Thomas L. Maldarelli

Computer Science Club: Andrew T. Garrison, Kristian Lewis

COTA Club (Changing Outlooks Through Activities): Johanna V. Bolick, Ashley T. Cartwright, Heather A. Hilliard

Engineering Club: Brandon Andreu-Regalado, John D. Di Virgilio, Michael McCaffrey

Fencing Club: Jason P. Nicolas

Future Teacher’s Association: Nicole M. Soldiviero

International Club: Laiba Ahsan, Candice L. Graham, Jaskaran Singh

Linex Club: Nora Borsare, Christopher Free

Martial Arts Club: Nora Borsare, Christopher J. Gaspar

Med Lab Tech Club: Daisy Mejia, Jannila B. Nunez, Sean M. Ribeiro

Middletown Student Senate: Matthew J. Ferrara, Renita M. Johnson, Eric M. Mahon

Newburgh Board of Activities: Samantha Galan, Amanda E. Ortega, Mathew Quintana

Newburgh Criminal Justice Club: Shenna Chorvas, Dillon J. Loupe, Reuben M. Buck

Newburgh Student Senate: Jarrett C. Blaize, Daniel R. Perdomo, Zipphora Z. Rutty

Newburgh Nursing Club: Renita M. Johnson

Nursing Club: Daniella Dusevic, Rachelle Garneau, Julianna M. Ruggiero

Rad Tech Club: Amberle B. Bernardo, Rachel Koenig

Sexuality and Gender Alliance: Jazmyn S. Baeza, Rafael A. Santiago, Kat Wilson

S.A.D.H.A. (Student American Dental Hygiene Association): Lauren A. Lewis, Kyla M. Pemberton, Kayla R. Trocino

SUNY Orange Architecture Club: Matthew C. Kiefer, Cindy Maleike, Barry M. Washington

Veterans Club: Ricky G. Maldonado, Katelyn E. Scott

Wrestling Club: Michael Ilejay, Tyler N. Owen, Kayla C. Wolven

Leadership Programs

I Am A Leader: Onida F. Denny, Tiffany M. Downing, Kimberly A. Graham, Elizabeth Herrera, Melissa Jones, Dennis R. Lohr, Matthew Lohr, Jacqueline A. Perrino, Rosa Maria Santiago

Departmental Awards (Certificate of Merit, Outstanding Scholastic Achievement)

Honors Program: Meghan Duffy, Nathanael A. Linton, Carolyn R. Weller

Phi Theta Kappa: Nicole Derasmo, Renita M. Johnson, Eric M. Mahon

Business, Math, Science and Technology

Applied Technologies Department

Computer Science: Kristian Lewis, Francis E. Scott

Cyber Security: Christopher Free, Immanuel Mainz

Networking: Eduardo S. Dilag, Veshgang P. Vohra

Biology Department

Biology: Warren Frost, Jacob N. Jordan, Ramsey Marte

Business Department

A.A.S. Accounting: Lorraine J. McGuinness, Martina Regenauer, Matthew L. Weinrit

A.S. Accounting: Matthew J. Ferrara, Olga M. Nacheva, Daniel M. Schady

A.S. Business Administration: Amanda C. Biavati, Stephanie E. Pendell, Megan R. Rosa

A.A.S. Business Management: Lorraine C. LeClair, Christine Ocasio, Caroline Steinhauer

A.A.S. Marketing: Hilda Enriquez, Lisa P. Mitchell

A.A.S. Medical Office Assistant: Crystal Nash, Melissa Scalise, Danielle Wilson

A.A.S. Office Technologies: Nicole M. Hultslander, Janet Martinez, Patricia L. Ryan

Clerical Office Assistant Certificate: Lydia Cruz

Mathematics Department

Mathematics: Henry A. Maldonado, Ricardo Ramirez Ortega, Suela Restelica

Science, Engineering & Architecture Department

Architecture: Cindy Maleike, Amber Roman, Barry M. Washington

Astronomy: Derik M. Kraych

Chemistry: Michael J. Carberry, Suela Restelica, Rachael L. Richards

Engineering: Anthony Cabanillas, Edward S. Tapia-Hernandez, Christopher M. Wildfoerster

Physics: Ha M. Dao, Suela Restelica

Liberal Arts

Arts and Communication Department

Art: Kristy T. Jados, Leighann McPartland, Francesco Pizzari

Communications: Trisha L. Feliciano, Alexander B. Haynes, Kristina E. Mott

Music: Caleb J. Couri, Miguel Hernandez, Kyle E. Whitton

English Department

English: Alyssa J. Clark, Clarence F. Nyiri, Kevin Morales

Education Department

Early Childhood Development and Care: Carrie M. Decker, Shaina Falu, Nicole M. Soldiviero

Teaching Careers: Janet Beam, Alyssa J. Clark, Michelle Rachitoff

Behavioral Sciences Department

Human Services: Jose R. Folqueira, Christopher L. Mendez, Michael V. O’Connor

Psychology: Alexander Loli, Angelina T. McDonald

Sociology: Sarah Beattie, Kathryn E. Misiak

Criminal Justice Department

A.A.S. Criminal Justice: Shenna Chorvas

A.S. Criminal Justice: Dillon J. Loupe, Sean K. O’Riordan, Iliana A. Restrepo


Health Professions

Clinical Laboratory Science Department

Clinical Laboratory Science: Janilla B. Nunez, Natasha K. Reinholz, Angela Soto-Avendano

Dental Hygiene Department

Dental Hygiene: Elizabeth M. Casamassimo, Chelsea L. Michella, Kayla R. Trocino


Diagnostic Imaging Department

Radiologic Technology: Kelly A. Roberts, Hannah F. Schwatz, Jana Schwerdtfeger

Occupational Therapy Assistant Department

Occupational Therapy Assistant: Trisha R. Brosnan, Matthew B. Field, Kodie R. Stuber

Physical Therapist Assistant Department

Physical Therapist Assistant: Nicole Derasmo, Ciara L. Fennell, John A. Sofia


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