Yearlong Program Will Provide Mentorship, Networking, Leadership Development and Presentation Opportunities

PHOTO: Juan Carlos PineiroMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- Juan Carlos Piñeiro, coordinator of SUNY Orange’s Center for Student Involvement at the Newburgh campus, has been selected as one of eight Leadership Fellows for 2016-17 by the Board of Directors of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA).

Piñeiro was the lone community college representative selected and will join Leadership Fellows from Centenary College of Louisiana, Texas A&M University, Wake Forest University, Ohio State University, California State University-Northridge, DePaul University and University of North Carolina-Asheville.

The Leadership Fellows program creates an opportunity for NACA members of underrepresented ethnicities to become familiar with the Association’s governance, programs and professional development opportunities at both the regional and national levels. The intent of the program is to help increase the diversity of the Association’s leadership.

“As an educator who is immensely passionate about holistically expanding my skill set, I am elated about this fellowship opportunity,” Piñeiro said. “By working on a series of projects and participating in skill development opportunities with my cohort members and mentors, I fully intend to gain a broader understanding of how I can wholeheartedly be of service to SUNY Orange’s diverse student population.”

At the Newburgh campus, Piñeiro oversees a broad program of student activities and co-curricular experiences that enrich the quality of campus life and enhance the students’ collegiate experience by allowing them to participate in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational and governance programs. He advises the Student Senate and Board of Activities on that campus, provides guidance to other student clubs and organizations, and coordinates a wide array of appearances by visiting musicians and performers.

As a Leadership Fellow, Piñeiro will be expected to participate in at least two of the following activities: work with assigned mentor to develop and draft an article for Campus Activities Programming magazine; participate in networking opportunities at a regional conference and national convention; participate in Regional Leadership Team or Conference Committee meetings; attend the professional development luncheon at a regional conference and national convention; serve as a institute staff member; present an educational session of choice with mentor at a regional conference and national convention as well as a session on Leadership Fellows Program at the national convention; assist with NACA diversity initiatives; or assist in developing and implementing the program for the multicultural welcome at the national convention.

Piñeiro will spend the rest of this Fall networking with his mentor and other Fellows in preparation for the program.

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