Annual Awards Convocation Allows College to Recognize Academic Achievement, Student Involvement

PHOTO: Dr. Young presents awardsMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- SUNY Orange kicked off its annual end-of-year celebration of student achievements Tuesday evening (May 17) by issuing more than 200 scholarships and awards during its 57th annual Awards Convocation in the Shepard Student Center cafeteria.

Under the supervision of Dr. Kristine Young, leading her first Convocation as SUNY Orange president, the College presented more than 120 academic awards and nearly 100 co-curricular awards. A standing-room-only crowd of nearly 400 celebrated as SUNY Orange issued its most prized academic achievement awards, scholarships to graduating students, and club and organizational awards.

Before issuing its own awards, the College recognized three winners of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence (shown from left to right in photo below): Elaine Horton (Westtown), Allyson Andryshak (Middletown) and Bryon Imbarrato (Middletown). The Chancellor’s Award is the highest academic honor that a community college student within the State University of New York can receive.

In addition to being honored for her Chancellor’s Award, Andryshak was presented with the Dr. Manuel Rosenblum Theater Scholarship, received academic awards in theatre and philosophy, and was presented with a co-curricular award for her work as president of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for students at two-year colleges and universities.

PHOTO: SUNY Orange's 2016 Chancellor's Award winnersA handful other students were also among the evening’s top awardees. Biology student Karen Schaper (Warwick) earned three scholarships--Faculty/Staff Perpetua, Dr. Cortland Mapes and Herbert M. Sussman scholarships--and a departmental academic award in biology. Shannon Sander (New Windsor) received an academic award in exercise studies while capturing the Amy Bull Christ and Christopher J. Basta Memorial scholarships. Kevin Oriol (Livingston Manor) accepted an academic award for music and collected the Sara K. Worcester Memorial Music Award and the Ruth Pollack Memorial Scholarship.

SUNY Orange will conduct its 66th annual Commencement Ceremony at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 19, on the Alumni Green at the Middletown campus. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony would be moved indoors to the Edward A. Diana Physical Education Center. For those who are unable to attend the ceremony in person, the event will be streamed live online via the College web site at



George R. “Bucky” Bartlett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Melissa Maddux

William O. Bell Memorial Scholarship: Kyle McNeil

Amy Bull Crist Scholarship: Shannon Sander

Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship: Irina Negru

Faculty/Staff Annual Scholarship: Antonio Cintron

Faculty/Staff Perpetual Scholarship: Karen Schaper

Max H. Golub Memorial Scholarship: Jamie Shock

Odell S. Hathaway Scholarship: Amber Saunders

David Kotler Memorial Scholarship: Zoe McDonald

H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship: Erica Staltare

Ivan Medina Memorial Scholarship: Eleanor Santiago

Christine M. Morrison Scholarship: Vladimir Beauge, Kyle McNeil

Orange County Community College Memorial Scholarship: Richard Zhunio

The Orange County Society of New York Scholarship: Amanda Colon

Elizabeth Parkhurst Memorial Scholarship: Ashley Ten Eyck

Ruth Pollack Memorial Scholarship: Kevin Oriol

Iris Stedener Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Collymore

Patrick B. Sweeney Annual Scholarship: Gina Castelonia

Dr. Hannah K. Vuolo Memorial Scholarship: Hussain Hasan

Faculty Recommended Scholarships and Awards

Christopher J. Basta Memorial Scholarship: Shannon Sander

Chris G. Chachis Memorial Scholarship: David Sicina

William F. Ehlers Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Kathleen Wilson

Excellence in Architecture Scholarship: Kelly Phillips

Evening Nursing Graduate Award: Kristy Laforest

Marvin Feman Music Award: Rhonda Dimmie

Greenman (Dean Robert) Award in American Studies: Silvia Marin

Jim Lynch Memorial Scholarship: Roy Rysinger

Dr. Cortland Mapes Scholarship: Samantha Black, Courtney Holvey, Karen Schaper

Physical Education & Recreation Club: The Ed Heitler Award: Dorothy Tighe

Reilly (Audrey A.) Memorial Music Scholarship: Nicholas Sauschuck

Charles J. Reilly Memorial Business Scholarship: Asha Imran

Dr. Manuel Rosenblum Theater Scholarship: Allyson Andryshak

M. June Simpson Nursing Award: Erin Doelger

Herbert M. Sussman Scholarship: Karen Schaper

Annette A. Whalen Memorial Scholarship: Michael Schlag

Westermeier (John T.) Award: Alexander Mahon

Worcester (Sara K.) Memorial Music Award: Kevin Oriol

Student Club Awards

Apprentice Players: Kyrie L. Brewer, Anwar George

Biology Club: Tory J. Jeppestol, Kayla C. Wolven

Board of Activities: Ansley Cleary, Monica Godinez, Bertha Ortega, Kaitlyn Vandalen

Business Club: Maureen L. Goodman, Leo D. Joseph

Chemistry Club: Matthew J. Aumick, John D. Di Virgilio, Nicole A. Elia

Collectors Club: Heather Colon-Serrano

Computer Club: Heather Colon-Serrano

Computer Science Club: Vladimir M. Beauge, Ha M. Dao, Marchrista A. Jones, Kristian Lewis

COTA Club (Changing Outlooks Through Activities): Emily M. Bishop, Catina Bohmann, Jean Kuenneke, Casey J. Spencer

Criminal Justice Club: Vincent Fasulo, Sean D. Halpin, Austin Keyser

Engineering Club: David A. Brulatour, Tania L. Pawlyk, Alexander M. Vojtek

Feminism Club: Maggie R. Holmes, Elaine R. Horton, Samantha D. Rodriguez, Alexandra Slagle

Fencing Club: Kristian Lewis, Eric M. Mahon, Jason P. Nicolas, Sean Triolo

Future Teacher’s Association: Ashley M. Kincaid, Amber N. Saunders

Gay-Straight Alliance: Emily R. Bengyak, Christopher Free, Brianna M. Lopez, Kat Wilson

International Club: Keith A. Agyeman, Laiba Ahsan, Felicia P. Brown, Chitra Singh

Martial Arts Club: Michelle Tilman

Med Lab Tech Society: Lilian B.Gonzalez, Bryan F. Meyer, Carissa Wengenroth

Middletown Student Senate: Matthew J. Ferrara, Irina Negru

Navigators For Christ: Brian Falkena, Joshua J. Rivera, Sarah M. Smith, Monica Weinrich

Newburgh Board of Activities: Rosa M. Santiago, Frederick Simoni, Daniel Wallace, Alyssa N. Walrad

Newburgh Business Club: Nicolas T. Bianchetta, Henry S. Castañeda Perlacios, Breanna R. Crane

Newburgh Criminal Justice Club: Reuben M. Buck, Douglas E. DeCicco, Jose A. Guzman, Jennifer M. Tolentino

Newburgh Student Senate: Zipphora Z. Rutty

Nursing Club: Kimberly D. Clarke, Lashay L. Evans, Jaclyn D. Halpin, Belinda S. Ong

PTA Club: Nicole Bedosky, Erin Jones, Christine M. Lazarczyk, Danielle N. Winkeleer

Rad Tech Club: Joseph Barry, Elise King, Samantha R. Kowalczik, Kerry L. Tomporowski

S.A.D.H.A. (Student American Dental Hygiene Association): Miriam T. Arvelo, Brielle E. Benson, Jennifer Hurley, Megan M. Stewart

SUNY Orange Architecture Club: Stefan M. Eitnier, Christofer R. Hydos, Matthew P. Mustac, Kelly Phillips

Veterans Club: Amandalee Gladkowski, Lawrence J. Preedom

Wrestling Club: Gabriel C. Campbell, Hussain S. Hasan, Tyler N. Owen, Sagardeep Singh

Departmental Awards (Certificate of Merit, Outstanding Scholastic Achievement)

Honors Program: Maggie R. Holmes

Phi Theta Kappa: Allyson Andryshak, Nicole Derasmo, Renita M. Johnson, Alexander J. Mahon


Business, Math, Science & Technology

Biology Department

Biology: Samantha M. Black, Courtney Holvey, Karen J. Schaper

Business Department

A.A.S. Accounting: Susan Burtchaell, Kathleen A. Herling, Kristy L. Valk,

A.S. Accounting: Jamie L. Crowell, Osvaldo Reyes, Alexandra K. Weireter  

A.S. Business Administration: Henry S. Castañeda Perlacios, Tiffany M. Schoonmaker, Saloua Yahia

A.A.S. Business Management: Sandra Y. Alemany, Melissa J. Krol, Lorriane C. LeClair

A.A.S. Marketing: Steve Calderon, Stephanie E. Pendell, Melinda S. White

A.A.S. Medical Office Assistant: Asha Imran, Arielle Kresin, Kathleen Mitchetti

A.A.S. Office Technologies: Christina M. Cappello, Yvette M. Maag, Stacy A. Russell

Mathematics Department

Mathematics: Keith Alvarado, Kevin L. Holt, Zoe McDonald

Science, Engineering & Architecture Department

Chemistry: Cana G. Gingerich, Ramsey Marte, Connor J. Rhodes

Engineering: Steven Baena, Kyle P. McNeil, Allison M. Zoghby

Physics: Jack F. Calzaretta, Brandon M. Torres


Liberal Arts


Arts and Communication Department

Art: Kayla P. Holterman, Elaine R. Horton, Roy Smith

Music: Rhonda Dimmie, Kevin Oriol, Nicholas J. Sauschuck

Theatre: Allyson Andryshak

English Department

English: Alexander J. Mahon, Heather R. Rice, Roy R. Rysinger

Philosophy: Allyson Andryshak, Bianca M. Garcia

Education Department

Early Childhood Development and Care: Laura J. Scott, Emily Teeple, Monica Weinrich

Teaching Careers: Lindsay J. Cover; Diana V. Turnbull, Bryon M. Imbarrato


Behavioral Sciences Department

Anthropology: Kathleen E. Wilson

Human Services: Lauren M. Joyce, Angelina T. McDonald, Christopher L. Mendez

Psychology: Bria-Nicole K. Bramwell, Amritraj M. Dammar, Katherine B. Roycroft

Criminal Justice Department

Criminal Justice Police A.A.S.: Nicholas A. Osowick

Criminal Justice A.S.: Katherine A. Bonetti, Elizabeth M. Schwartz, Andrew J. Stenglein


Health Professions

Clinical Laboratory Science Department

Medical Laboratory Technology: Monica A. Esposito, Karla E. Knight, Carissa Wengenroth

Dental Hygiene Department

Dental Hygiene: Rachel Bennett, Courtney A. Cass, Susan P. Espinoza Guerrero

Diagnostic Imaging

Radiologic Technology: David Anderson, Jason P. Cordero, Jamie L. Shurter

Movement Science Department

Exercise Studies: Evan M. DenDanto, Jermaine R. Emptage, Shannon M. Sander

Physical Education: John Dunne, Elyssa R. Wottring

Occupational Therapy Assistant Department

Occupational Therapy Assistant: Lara Helmer, Colleen T. Martin, Tarah M. Miller

Physical Therapist Assistant Department

Physical Therapist Assistant: Nicole Bedosky, Donna K. Furman, Tiffany L. Petry

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