County to Provide College with $1.4 Million, Matching New York State’s Capital Improvement Money

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- The Orange County Legislature voted unanimously Thursday to provide SUNY Orange with slightly more than $1.4 million in capital funding, matching similar funding made available in New York State’s 2015-16 budget, to help the College overhaul its outdated technology infrastructure, storage and systems.

The total influx of monies, totaling $2.824,250 and split evenly between the county and the state, paves the way for the College to facilitate many necessary technology upgrades intended to bring the IT infrastructure to a more reliable and robust place.

“Our network stability is a major concern,” indicated Dr. Kristine Young, SUNY Orange president. “Our servers and storage systems are aging, and we are suffering from a significant lack of server space for sufficient data storage and backup. We must expand wireless coverage to include all portions of both campuses, and we need to be able to successfully initiate a feasible and systematic plan for replacing aging computers on a regular basis.

“This funding will allow us to do all of that, and a bit more,” Young added. “The projects are tied to our new Strategic Plan, and I appreciate the overwhelming support that the Legislature and the County have demonstrated throughout this process. Chair (Helen) Ullrich and her fellow SUNY Orange Trustees also vigorously advocated for this funding so that we can increase access for students and improve operations for staff and faculty.”

First up on the project list this summer will the replacement of the College’s core switches, servers and storage systems, as well as replacing the wireless network on both campuses. It is expected that these projects will be completed by the Fall 2016 semester, which begins in late August.

Other projects, which rose to prominence during a recent comprehensive IT assessment undertaken by the College, will be initiated during the Fall and beyond. Those will include an upgrade to the online student records software, a content management system to enhance the College web site, renovations to the SUNY Orange data center, and updates to phone and voicemail systems.

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